Posted by: aceanderic | August 1, 2008

FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 (day 82)

First day at the new place and so far so good, I think this place will be good for Eric. We met the Doctor, Nurses, Physical Therapist, Occupation Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Respiratory Therapist, Dietitian, Social Worker, Admission Manager, Case manager… There are a whole lot of people involved in Eric’s care as you could imagine; and they all need different kind of information from Eric and I.

After kicking the nurse last night and pulling out the trach completely, Eric settled down but he was still extremely active today. Eric is now in between number three and four on the Rancho Scale, he’s leaning more so to number four these days. On level four, a patient like Eric doesn’t understand what he feels or what is happening around him, may not understand that people are trying to help him, not pay attention or be able to concentrate for a few seconds, have difficulty following directions, and be very confused and frightened. Level four is a stressful stage not just for Eric but also for family and visitors. You should be ready to work if you visit him; you need to make him feel safe and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. As hard as it is to watch him right now, it’s actually all positive things because it means we’re moving forward in the right direction.

I guess I’ve forgot to mention but Eric is able to keep his head up now. Did you know that the weight of our head is similar as to a bowling ball? This is why it took him so long; the head is heavy. He can’t keep it up 100% but he’s doing a great job, and he’s getting stronger every day.


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