Posted by: aceanderic | August 3, 2008

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 (day 84)

Today Anna-Carin took another day off to try and relax and actually do something for herself.  I was proud of her because she really did take care of herself today, even read a little of a good book.  After yesterday I was happy to go see Eric, looking forward to it actually.  We found out that last night Eric was able to get out of his safety vest that is zipped up in back and then ties under the bed.  I have no idea how he did that nor do the night nurses but needless to say he was standing next to the bed when they found him.  The staff deceided to move Eric’s room so that he is now directly across from the nurses station so he can be seen at all times.

Boy did he keep me busy today!  Eric spent from 10am until 5:15 pm in the wheelchair.  He wanted nothing to do with his bed or his room in general.  Thank goodness for Amy; Eric’s nurse.  She was great and always so calm.  I can not believe how fortunate how we have been with the people helping Eric at the different facalities he has been.

Eric wheeled himself all around the hospital, he opened every door and looked in every room.  At one point he told us he was thirsty by point to his mouth.  That was awesome.  Eric walked 96 feet (30 meters)!  Yes, that is right 96 feet.  The nurse measured it with a measuring tape.  He had Amy, the nurse, on one side with his arm around her shoulders, another nurse on the other side just for simple support and Mom following behind with the wheelchair.  He had walked about 60 feet and was getting tired but then I came around the corner  and was told to stop.  The nurse told Eric to walk to me.  He looked up at me with those big blue eyes and just focused on me.  I told him he would have to give me a hug when he reached me and he did, a big tight HUG!  When I came back from lunch Eric was sitting in his wheelchair, with his legs up on the desk at the nurses station and a newspaper in his hand.  Too funny. Of course he was not reading the paper but it was good to see.

Rob came back again today to visit with Eric. Thank goodness because he helped me get Eric out of the staff kitchen that Eric wanted to go into and not come out of. It is nice to see Eric’s friends visiting as he really responds to them.



  1. This is awesome. I don’t know Eric at all, but it’s days like this that I imagine that he will someday be back to who he once was. Go Eric!

  2. Oh my goodness! Eric has made SOOO much progress since your birthday, Anna-Carin!!! I was on vacation last week and am so thrilled to come back and read about him walking, talking, getting the trach out, etc. Sounds like they took him to the facility we had talked about. Maybe we can pop in one of these days to see him (and you) again!

    We’ll be looking forward to more good news!

    Tina (“from previous rehab spa”)

  3. Just got back from out of town, and to read all of this good news is truly amazing. ERIC… you are the MAN!!!!!

  4. Go ERIC!!!! Maybe I’ll bring Addy down next time and the two of them can race around. I think they’d both be worn out and sleep better. -Cas

  5. It was great on Wednesday to see Eric’s eyes really see me and look around the room. He reached up and patted my face. Wow After so long, to have real communcation from him. Oh, those beautiful blue eyes. Eric has made terrific progress in his struggle to get better in these last few months. He has always been a goal oriented person. Show him a goal he wants and away he runs. I saw his CT scan and the neruosurgeon says it looks much improved. It is wonderful to know so many of his friends have come to see him and help with Eric’s rehabiltation. Each one helping him into the wheel chair or encouraging his talking. We are so blessed to have these people in our lives.
    Thursday…Today Eric’s aunt and uncle, from California, came to see him. Eric reached up to shake hands with his uncle Don. He was very surprised. It was nice that they could tell him all they have been doing. He likes to listen. His friend, Alan, stopped by and Eric seemed to know who he was. Please do not say “Good-by” as it upsets him. He is getting used to his new place and likes nurse, Amy. They know a great deal about brain injurys and have given our family good suggestions. The more we know, the more we can help Eric. They already know about Eric from the many photos(8 by 10s) we put all, and I mean all, over his walls. I am very grateful for the many blessings that have occurred since Eric’s accident. Since then Eric has been able to fight with his might and faith to live fully no matter how long it takes. Through this trial, God asks us to choose: Do we believe, or do we not? We don’t know much, but we know this: No matter where we are, no matter what we do, no matter how bleak or frightening our prospects, each and every one of us, each and every day, lies in God’s safe hands.
    Friday…Boy, Eric was busy today. Starting in the morning he did not want to stay in bed. Anna-Carin and I took him, in the wheelchair, outside and all around the hospital. He could smell the trees and flowers. When we returned, he still wanted to go down the halls and look in every room and closet. Looking for a way home. Later in the day, Eric’s friends, Brinna, Bryant, and Rown(4years) came to see him. Eric and Rowan had a wheelchair race in the hall. She was laughing and Eric was trying to beat her. Great to see! Not that he could go faster than a snail. A good day.
    Saturday…I stayed with Eric all day so Anna-Carin could have a day off. We watched golf and he liked the colors and peaceful voices. When Eric’s sister, Marci, showed up he burst into tears. ;He tried to say her name. Then he smiled at her. She hugged him and told him about her children and what they are doing this summer. He likes to listen to everyones stories. Later, his friend, Rob, stopped by. Eric reached up to shake his hand and smiled at him. Rob was great with all his stories of things they did in HIgh school, ect. Then, Eric was telling Rob a story. He used both hands (crazy Italian) to try to explain something, but we do not know what. He got very excited about it. Another good day.
    Sunday…Marci and I(Anna-Carin’s day off) went to visit Eric and again he was ready to get right out of that bed when we arrived. Into the wheelchair and away he went. (at a snails pace) With his trach out I know he feels much more freedom. The doctor has a large band-aid over the spot and that’s all. Next, maybe soon, the feeding tube. Rob came, again, today. Eric responds to him well.
    Well, it’s time for me to return home to Issaquah. Marci is staying a few days and so I don’t feel so bad. It’s hard to leave Eric. He does not want to be alone. Eric, I love you to the moon and back! May any barriers that separate you from God quickly dissolve and may the angels surround you until I return. Love, Mom

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