Posted by: aceanderic | August 4, 2008

MONDAY, AUGUST 4 (day 85)

It’s Marci again… Eric was already in the wheelchair when I arrived this morning. As soon as I got to the hospital we went for a walk/wheelchair stroll. Eric and I went all over the hospital and then outside. When we went outside he went right over to the grass and wanted to get out. Then he noticed the street and cars and was fighting me to get over the grass and into the street. It was sort of sad but great to see him want to get away from the hospital. When we arrived back to the room PT was there to work with him. We went down to the PT room and Eric walked along the parallel bars, he even turned around while standing. After that, and all the activities yesterday Eric was TIRED! He finally slept for a few hours. Then Anna-Carin brought the dogs for a visit. We pretty much forced Eric up out of his bed and outside to see the dogs. He was watching them but not too much interaction. I think he was just too tired.



  1. Wow sounds like Eric is now recovering at an accelerated pace, every day the jump from the day before is larger, hopefully he will be back to the old Eric soon.

  2. I bet he wanted to lie down in the green grass and feel it. He is really taking off! Soon you’ll have to put an ankle bracelet on him to monitor him! 🙂

  3. Keep pushing! As hard as it is to see him tired, you know he is moving forward on the right track. Plus, maybe he’ll sleep better at night and not try to get out of bed. My mom and Marcia are coming down on Wednesday. That should wear him out! Lots of Love, Cas

  4. WOW! Every day brings more great news. Eric is getting more and more active that is ERIC…licious.

  5. Just getting caught up and it’s GREAT to see so many days of progress! I’m one of the ‘peanut gallery’ pulling for you from outside, so am very grateful to be able to share in this good news (and praying it continues so well). I’d better go – Marci’s story from a few days ago is heartwarming and I’m afraid my boss will come in and ask why I’m crying! 😉

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