Posted by: aceanderic | August 6, 2008


Today Eric had yet another accomplishment; he walked 76 feet with the walker in front of him, took a break, and then walked another 76 feet. He did this all by himself, I was in front of him couching him and offered a huge hug as a reward in the end, and his PT walked by his side incase he would fall. I was proud of Eric’s 25 feet of walking yesterday; he sure bet that record pretty fast! He actually walked several times today, which is great.

Eric’s two aunts from Seattle came for a visit and he smiled, and listened to their many stories; he was happy to see them. He was in a great mood most of the day but then he changed and looked very sad and depressed in the afternoon. You could tell that he understand what’s going on, where he’s at, and he understand there are limits to what he can do. I can’t even imaging how upsetting it must be for him; he’s trapped inside a broken body. I can help Eric’s muscles getting stronger, but I don’t know how to help Eric talk again or how to gain his cognitive skills. This would be up for a Speech Language Pathologist to work with Eric on but unfortunately he hasn’t had this therapy in many days; believe me…I’ve called in the high powers on this issue and I should see some changes hopefully tomorrow. I will be able to work with Eric on this once I’ve watched and learned. What I did work with Eric on today was that I placed different color cones in front of him and I asked him to point at the color I said. As mention, Eric can walk, but unfortunately he can’t point at the color I ask for. He knew his limit….and I felt so sad inside, and so did Eric.

I just got done reading a book about TBI and there was a quote in that book that I repeat to myself several times daily “If a brain injury does not teach you patience, then I don’t know what will”. That is so true. I keep on telling myself that the day WILL come when Eric can point at the correct color cone. We just need to give it time, and we need to be patience. And once we’ve checked this off as accomplished we’re going to move on to the next task. Davidson’s don’t quit.



  1. As much as it will be great when he has regained speach I still insist that simple Sign Language may be easier to communicate with Eric. Teaching him to sign should be easier then learning to talk. Well, at least its worth looking into.

  2. It truly makes my day each morning when I read the blog abouts Eric’s progress. Keep up the awesome work Eric and Ace!!!!

  3. Great progress! Take heart- I watched my kid learn to sit up, to roll over, to crawl, to walk, to run. I am watching him now learn to talk (“hot” and “ruff”). It would make sense then that Eric’s relearning process would follow the same path- he would be able to relearn the physical before he can tackle the cognitive development. He is stubborn and I have no doubt he will get to that next level. Hang in there. -C

  4. What great news! That is a huge accomplishment and very positive news. Ace, you have been amazing in your strength and support. Eric is fighting back for you, himself and all who love and care about him. Congratulations on such a huge step (76 x 2) to be exact, step forward!

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