Posted by: aceanderic | August 9, 2008


Hello it’s Gina tonight, giving Anna-Carin a night off. Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been here and all I can say is…wow. Wow for a few reasons: 1. to finally see the blue eyes of my little brother open, for more than a few minutes. Open, wide looking directly at me, 2. because it truly breaks my heart to see such a vibrant person, so quite and so not the same man I’ve know my whole life. This beautiful 37 year old soul not able to express himself as he has done so well most of his life, 3. my poor children to see the uncle they love in that condition, they cried, we cried. I did my best to reassure them that it’s all going to be OK. It took a lot of effort to do this while holding back my own tears and fears.

After they left with Anna-Carin, I sat next to Eric, wrote in the journal and rubbed his shoulders, arms and head. I feel somewhat paralyzed as to what to do to comfort him, I’m not good at just talking about stuff, too hard for me right now. But I can touch and sit still with him. We watched some TV. I decided to wait until he showed me a sign as to what he wanted to do, then I’d be able to help him. Well after a little while, he wanted to get out of bed. I had him wait for the nurse to help. They were great! Thank God for nurses, doctors and hospital staff who truly care about their patients, it means everything to the patient and families, bless you all!!! Anyway, we got Eric into a wheelchair and outside we went. It was great. I got to help Eric, finally after 3 months of waiting, I could help give him something. I think he enjoyed it. He was calm and relaxed. When we crossed the little street I went slow and we both looked down the street. I saw Eric really look down the road. After the outside adventure, we returned to his room and I asked if he’d like to get into the bed. I said, “Eric if you want to get into the bed give me a thumbs up” he did! That was cool. I kissed him and said “I’ll see ya later”. Hard to leave him but I knew he was in good hands. When I turned around to look at him one more time, he was watching me like a hawk, made me feel so good to have him looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I didn’t get a smile today, but maybe tomorrow or Monday.

All I could think about on my drive back to their home was that bad things happen to good people. Then I thanked God for keeping him safe and taking good care of him along with giving Anna-Carin and our family the strength and love we all need to take of not only Eric but each other.



  1. Just found your blog after reading the article in the PDX paper. One of my employees saw the accident scene that night. We all work just down the street from where it happened. I have always wondered how Eric was. I’m glad I can follow his progress. Best wishes to all of you.

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