Posted by: aceanderic | August 11, 2008

MONDAY, AUGUST 11 (day 92)

It’s Gina again, Anna-Carin took the “day off”…. Today was a pretty good day. Our cousin Greg is here as a PT, how wonderful that he’s going to be apart of Eric’s care. We went outside in the sunshine again, he really seems to like that, but who wouldn’t?

Now were going to walk with the PT’s. Eric walked strong and steady half way down the hallway, sat in the chair and then walked back. Great stuff. When he arrived back in his room he was ready to take off his shoes but PT wanted him to do a few more tasks. It was awesome to see Eric reach out across his body and touch Greg’s hand, like a high five. I teared up. He covered his mouth when he coughed and picked up a sock lying on the floor.

Music seems to really calm him. It’s funny when he is relaxed in the chair he will cross his legs like he’s kickin’ back.

Aaron Zerby came by to visit and brought pictures. Speech therapy and OT came by this afternoon to work with Eric. I feel as if Eric might be a bit bummed, not as much expression as previous weeks. Doctors and nurses are monitoring meds to help avoid him getting depressed and correct some issues.

Hopefully Eric will sleep better tonight and be able to do more tasks tomorrow.


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