Posted by: aceanderic | August 12, 2008

TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 (day 93)

Today was a different kind of day; it was the first day in 92 days when Eric didn’t have a family member or myself by his side during the day. I had friends coving throughout the day so he wasn’t completely alone. Our friend Gwen and I attended a two-day Reiki workshop yesterday and today. Reiki is a life-force energy given to us as a gift to renew and heal others and ourselves. My intention with attending this was to be certified to practice Reiki so I can help Eric. I am aware I’ve helped Eric in many ways already but it hasn’t been enough, I want to be able to help him more, which I hope I now can do. We sent long distance healing to Eric and our Reiki Master Teacher had a powerful experience, she later explained that Eric is a aware of what’s going on, he’s going in and out of his body (sometimes he’s next to his body watching everything and everyone around him) he will get through his, he’s stubborn, and he’s actually bored from being in bed too much. I can understand if some of you have a hard time taking this in and excepting it, and that’s ok, I’ve been in doubt too. These two days were powerful and much needed for me, I feel stronger and actually happy inside; I’m ready to help Eric more.

We stopped by Eric later in the evening and he was awake, watching the Olympics. We got him out of the bed and into the wheelchair. He pushed himself around for quit some time, and he held his head up high the whole time; I was very impressed. His right arm is also getting stronger and I’ve noticed he’s trying to use it more and more. He also tried to talk with us as well as our friends earlier during the day. The words are still just blah, blah; no real words yet but I’m hoping it won’t take that much longer until the day when I will understand what’s he’s been trying to tell us for so long now.



  1. Hello, Anna-Carin. I am Paul’s father, and you might remember when I sent
    you our hopes and prayers for Eric. I read the blogs every morning, and can
    see how Eric is showing signs of remarkable improvement.

    I was wondering if you have ever spoken to Eric’s neurosurgeon or anyone
    else about the positive effect AMBIEN may have on patients suffering from
    TBI? If my wife and I had not seen with our own eyes a young boy on T.V.
    who was vegetating as a result of TBI up to the time that someone came
    into his life and started him on this sleeping pill, it would have been totally
    impossible to believe.

    I called Paul the following day and told him what we had seen, and I know
    from him that he mentioned it to you. The family will be in Mexico for about
    another week, and I was wondering if you have had any conversation with
    anyone regarding this possible breakthrough. I realize that it won’t have
    the same effect on everyone, but is it worth the effort? I would say YES!

    Please let me hear from you in your “spare time.” Meanwhile, our prayers
    go out to Eric, and our admiration is extended to you.


    Arnie & Dolores Leib

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