Posted by: aceanderic | August 13, 2008


I was happy to spend the day with Eric today, it’s been a few days since I spend a whole day with him and I’ve missed him a lot. It looks like he’s not so depressed anymore, but knowing how TBI works, that could change tomorrow again. There are no rules or no set expectations, and you never know how the next hour, minute or day will look like for Eric. I would say that the most stressful time each day has always been the very second before I turn around the corner to enter Eric’s room to see him. What am I going to see today, and what issues or good news will today bring me? Today was a good day. I walked in when his SLP was working with him and she was very pleased; he pointed at most (not all) of the symbols she showed him. We’re down to the very basic for Eric to re-learn. We’re asking Eric to point at a picture of a green triangle for example, or a picture of a lamp. Talk about a long way to go to get where he was before the accident. But…our big life plans has changed. I do not expect us to start a family soon, moving to Sweden and start a new life, or changing careers as planned just a few months ago, and that is ok. We are still young and Eric can take whatever time he needs to recover and come back to the dogs and I.

I’m so happy to have Eric’s cousin work as his PT. It was just by a coincident that he started at the same place Eric happens to be at. Eric’s cousin is an experienced physical therapist and I don’t have to be worried about Eric not trusting him; they are good friends and go long way back. When his SLP or OP ask him to do stuff, Eric always looks at me first, and when I tell him it’s ok, he listens to them and do what they asked of him. It’s a new experience for me to have Eric actually look at me for assistance and approval before he does something. I like it and I hope he can continue on this path in the future too 😉



  1. We are also happy to have Greg working with Eric. Greg tells me that Eric has come a long way. We have not been able to come up for several weeks and are leaving again soon. However, as soon as we get back we plan to be up. I know that Eric will be making great strides by then. We will be back about the first of the month. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.
    Lots of love, Auntie Joyce

  2. In thoery he won’t have to relearn everything. He just needs to relearn how to use his brain. Most everything in long term memory should return, its just a matter of time. Science knows very little on the capabilities and complexity of the brain in the grand scheme of things. The brain is more powerful then people really understand. Based on what I’ve read I’m confident he will make a full recovery, its just a matter of time.

  3. Hi Ace,

    I look forward to reading your postings each day. It sounds like Eric is making progress each day, every little bit counts. You two are in my prayers and I think of you often. Keep up the great work, stay strong, positive, and patient. Most importantly, make sure you take care of yourself, Eric is going to need you most when he is discharged.

  4. When I broke my back my family brought in a wonderful lady who practiced Reikki. But first a little background… the doctors said the probability of me walking again was not good at all. I firmly beleive Reikki played a role in what I like to call my miracle. Now Eric is facing the biggest challenge of his life. He will beat this and have his own miracle, although he has had several along the way! Reikki rocks ERIC, just like you buddy!!! Ace… if possible I would like to come see Eric tomorrow, can someone email me and let me know if this is ok? Eric is lucky to have family like you all of you!

  5. How great that someone who already knows and loves Eric will be there to help him with his PT. Obviously he is getting great care, but it must be a relief for you to know that Greg is there. All cheers to you and Eric. Let me know if you need more help with any paperwork. I can push paper like no body’s business. -C

  6. Hi ACE! You are in my thoughts frequently, when I finish reading your blog post for the day I like to close my eyes and mentally send you and Eric a little good vibes ping. You are absolutely amazing, and what fantastic progress Eric is making! Take care of yourself – Spike

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