Posted by: aceanderic | August 14, 2008

THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 (day 95)

“You can ask me what ever you want. I can hear you, and I understand you, but…. I don’t feel like doing it” Yeah, I swear that’s what Eric was thinking today, all day long. He did the opposite today from what I wrote yesterday about him listening to me. Man, he can be an ornery bugger! I tell him “Eric, you have to do what your SLP tells you. Everyone wants to help you improve and we really would like to hear you talk again. In order for you to do so, you need to practice. Now, could you please try to say aaaaaa?” I say that with the most patience voice. Eric’s eyebrows went up, he looked surprised as if he just had a big “aha” realization, and he looked focused and concentrated like he was getting ready to repeat after me. But, then he leaned back in the chair again, put his feet up on the bed to make himself more comfortable and relaxed, and just sat there and stared at all of us. Man, he’s so stubborn! This happened several times today in different situations. Thinking back, compare to how our situation looked like for three months ago I can’t do anything but smile. We have come a long way so even if he’s ornery, passive aggressive or stubborn it’s much better then nothing. He’s just making all of us work harder to help him.

Eric moved back to the room he had the first day. This means he’s no longer a “high observation patient”. He’s calmed down and is not so agitated at night, even thought he’s still keeping everyone busy. I had the dogs with me in the afternoon. They are still uncomfortable around him but not as bad as it was two months ago. I bet they where happy to be in an air condition room rather then outside in the 95 degrees sun we had today.


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