Posted by: aceanderic | August 15, 2008

FRIDAY, AUGUST 15 (day 96)

Standing by Eric’s side, watching him sleep, thinking about everything we had, everything we have accomplished together and all the unknown to come and trying to hold my tears back, the iPod played In a New York minute, everything could change… by the Eagles. Eric woke up, stared at me with fear in the eyes so I leaned over and told him that he’s safe, where’s he’s at, today’s date, and that I’m here by his side. He calmed down and went back to sleep again. The song stopped playing.

Eric slept through the night so he was very active this morning. I worked on trying to get him to speak, follow basic commands, brush his teeth, etc, but it’s difficult for him to stay focused. His attention spam is like a 2 year old, he gets easily distracted and restless so we had to change activities frequently. We don’t have kids so I’m out of practice, which makes it hard to keep up… Eric is on level four in the Rancho Scale so this is normal behavior for a TBI patient in this stage.

Paul from Scotland called today and asked to speak with Eric. Just like yesterday when Marci called, I handed over the phone to Eric and he put it against his ear. I could hear Paul talking, and Eric talked back; puff, dhal, mmm, paha. Then he switched the phone over to the other ear, made himself more comfortable in bed and puffed some more. Does he know that his words don’t make sense? I don’t know. But I know he was happy to speak with Paul, and Marci. Once Paul was done he asked Eric to hand over the phone to me, which he did. So if you’re far away and want to talk with Eric, please call my cell phone and I’ll connect you.


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