Posted by: aceanderic | August 16, 2008

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 (day 97)

Eric slept most of the day while I was very busy. Eric’s uncle and aunt from Seattle stayed with him for most of the day so he wasn’t alone while I did my stuff. While I attended a TBI support group meeting, Eric’s aunt kept him busy with walking and worked on his cognitive skills; he did good she said. In my meeting I asked one special question I’ve had in mind for a long time, and I figure TBI survivors would know better then anyone. “How does Eric feel right now?” The answers a cross the room was “in pain”, “confused”, “angry”, “sad”, “scared”, and “very sensitive to loud noises”. They also said that Eric would not remember any of this, which I found comforting to hear. He will remember bits and pieces of these months but everything will be like a blur.

Between my TBI support meeting, meeting with my financial planner, jumpstarting the car twice (long story!!), pick up the dogs and brought them to Eric’s room, I did find some quality time with Eric, plus letting the CEO of Eric’s place know about my disappointment in the SLP who didn’t show up yesterday or today (another long story!!). I know Eric well these days. I can read this face and I know when he’s “there” and when he’s not. We had a little moment today when it was like talking with Eric but without him actually talking. It was after the doctor had made his round; I know Eric listed to what the doctor and I talked about. Eric has always been fascinated about the medical field. I sat down and told him again about his condition, and about the road a head of us. I asked him to stay strong and to be patience. He listened, and then in his own way he asked how I’m doing, and what about me. It was hard to hold my tears back when I told him that I’m holding up, and that I working harder then I’ve ever done in my life to make sure he’s getting the best care there is. Eric knows me well, and he could tell I was about to start crying so he just looked me sad. He knows, and so do I that we have a long road a head of us to accomplish.



  1. ACE, I think its great that you were in a TBI support group. Wonderful for many purposes. I’ll miss working with Eric this week but I look forward to seeing bits of progress when I return.

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