Posted by: aceanderic | August 17, 2008

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 (day 98)

Hello, It’s me, PAM (Eric’s mom),
Today was a good day for Eric. Yes, he was sitting in his chair near the nurse’s station, with the newspaper and he looked like he was reading. When he saw me he right away wanted to go for a walk around the hospital. I call it a run-about because he is in the wheelchair. He uses his feet to go backwards and as I said left, right he went faster to keep up with my talking. He always stops to check out all the doors to see if he can escape home. He found an open door and we went in, it was a small TV room/library with many books.  I picked up an animal book and found a bunny picture. He looked at me and tried to say “bunny”.  B..b…bb I was so surprised. I then asked him who I was and he tried to say “ma”. I kept the tears back so as not to frighten him. I then asked Eric if liked the bunny and he shook his head for “yes”. Eric had a wonderful bunny when he was small, which he loved to bring into the family room to play.

We went back to his room and next 2 nurses took him out for a walk down the hall.  NO walker, just the girls on each side of him. He stood up straight and I think he felt  “tall”.  Ok, finally back to the room for a nap.  No such luck, Eric’s aunt and uncle came and they took him for a walk.  When he saw them he gave them a BIG SMILE.  Now for a tiny nap.  (1:45pm)

2:45pm    Awake  and ready to go again.  Here comes the PT girl and off he goes up the hall this time with the walker.  Then back in the wheel chair to take, yet, another run-about.  This time she taught Eric how to use his hands on the wheels.  He could get up some “speed”.  Yea     She told him….UP——DOWN, UP…DOWN.  With this motion he went quickly forward.  He liked it very much.
Then finally, Eric got to take his nap.

Keep strong Eric and let the “Angels” surround you.
All my love,

P.S.  Eric is now off the pain “meds” he has had since the ICU.



  1. ACE and family,

    I heard about Eric a few months ago and was shocked to hear the news. I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on the details. Looks like Eric is making great strides. It’s so amazing what the human spirit can accomplish. I’m confident he’ll be back to 100%.

    My uncle had a similar accident and recovered fully in time. So I have seen it happen before. It sounds like Eric is getting the best of care from the medical staff and his loving family.

    What a tremendous story Eric will have to tell when he recovers!

    You’re in our thoughts. We wish you the best.

    Josh and family

  2. When he is strong enough you should have eric practice meditation and Chi Qoung. My Husband suffered from a crusshed spine and he is back 100% b/c of this and many other treatment but I think that most of the recovery is due to Chi Qoung. You should look into it, It is similar to Reiki, it also deals with energy.
    trust me, it works….
    Take care

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