Posted by: aceanderic | August 18, 2008

MONDAY, AUGUST 18 (day 99)

Hello….It’s me, Pam,
Today was a quiet day.  When I arrived Eric was sleeping.  After a while the nurse got him up and he and I went for a run-about up the hall.  Back to the TV room and all the books.  We found some great National Geographic’s.  Eric liked the one with all the photos of Nepal, Katmandu and Annapurna.  He has been to these places and enjoyed the pictures.  He became tired and so we went back to his room.

The ST (speech) Danya stopped in to work with Eric and he learned 4 sounds….ee, oo, ah and mm.  He tried very hard to copy what she did.  He is getting there step-by-step and sound-by-sound.  Danya was great with Eric.

Next came PT, Merci and she had Eric get the walker and away they went with me following close behind with the chair.  We only went a short distance when he became very tired.  In the wheelchair he could practice using his hands to propel himself forward.  Again the UP….Down and slowly, at a snails pace, back to his room.  I guess we were gone for an hour but it seemed like minutes.

It was the dinner hour and time for me to leave.  His nurses, Mark and Valentina were great with him today.  I felt OK to leave.

Remember, Eric, divine energy flows throughout your body and you will be whole again soon.  You are not alone.  I love you, Mom


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