Posted by: aceanderic | August 19, 2008

TUESDAY, DAY 19 (day 100)

I’ve been home for two days, working with attorneys, insurance company, paper work and all that good stuff. Eric’s mom tells me that he wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to work with anyone today, plus he slept a lot too. So when Eric’s business contact called me this evening and said that he was in town and wanted to see Eric, it wasn’t with the most excitement I decided to drive to the hospital to meet him. Don’t take me wrong, I’ve missed Eric and it’s really draining to see Eric depressed, but I’m glad I did. When Mike walked into the room Eric got so surprised he literally, and I do mean literally dropped his pants. Eric looked at him with the biggest smile and so surprised for the longest time. But I was the one who ended up being most surprised this evening. Mike told Eric about the market; “This XX loan program for so and so didn’t work because this and that…” I didn’t understand the conversation but Eric sure did. Seriously, Eric can’t talk and he can’t point at the darn blue circle when we ask him to, but he can talk about the real estate market. Eric listened to Mike as he talked, looked surprised about how ridicules today’s market is, made hand gestures and talked back in his own languages. How can that be? They went on with talking about Eric’s company; Mercury Mortgage. I told Eric that I’m the boss now and that I’m running his company (I’ve actually closed it down but I didn’t tell him that). Eric looked at me; shook his head and made the hand gesture for “no good”, and gave me a smile. Seriously Eric…you better get that blue circle right tomorrow because I know you’re in there. How frustrating it must be for him to have to deal with this basic stuff, and still not getting it right, when he’s able to discuss today’s real estate market. Mike actually said to Eric that he could see him in there, and he asked him to keep on fighting. And Eric looked at him, smiled and made the hand gesture for “being the champion”…



  1. I’ve been reading about Erics progress since the accident. I dont know either of you guys but I am rooting for Eric and cant wait to read that he gets the blue circle right 🙂

  2. I knew it, he is just inside himself hanging out somewhere…. he is gonna surprise everyone shortly, I just have a feeling. KEEP FIGHTING DUDE!!!!

  3. Anna-Carin, I know neither you nor Eric but I’ve been reading the blog daily since early in June. It’s clear that you and Eric are amazing people and that you will both come out of this triumphantly. You two deserve all-around gold medals in my book!

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