Posted by: aceanderic | August 20, 2008

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20 (day 101)

Some days will be better then others for Eric, today was definitely one of the better. From the time he woke up, Eric was on the roll to impress everyone, even himself. His cousin from San Francisco was in town for business so he visited us in the morning. Eric impressed him by getting dressed with minimum assistants from me, then he walked for about 200 feet with one rest in between. Not sure if he impressed his cousin by giving him “the finger” for hello when he walked into the room but, but… His SLP worked with Eric when the dogs and I came back from lunch, he said “hi ACE” when I walked in! It would have been very difficult to hear what he said, if she hadn’t told me that they had been practicing that, but he said it to me with a smile. So nice!! She said today was his best day so far, he did great with all the sounds they practiced.

Eric have not wanted to hear about the accident until today. I asked if he wanted me to tell him and he nodded his head for a yes. I’ve been waiting for this day; Eric and I tell each other absolute everything. It’s been hard not to tell him about what happened for 101 days ago and what’s been on my plate since. There’s so much to say. I told him about the BBQ in our backyard the night of Friday May 9th, about the drunk driver, how the driver tried to steal beer at Safeway and then took off, how Eric got hit, the 911 calls, ambulance ride to Emanuel Hospital, how he almost died for the first hour in the emergency room, and that the doctors had to give him blood, and then the phone call from the police in the morning the day after. By the time I was done talking I was crying, Eric was shacking his head. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and then he wiped my tears off my face with this towel.



  1. Hej Anna-karin, har läst ikapp nu har varit borta ett tag… Vad duktig din Eric är, det är helt otroligt!!! Förstår att det varit jobbigt att inte ha kunnat prata om olyckan med Eric samtidigt som det inte är nå vidare kul att berätta heller.
    Tänker på er. Kämpa på Kusin vitamin. Kramar.

  2. hey anna-karin. not sure if you remember me but i am a friend of dave thompson’s (your neighbor). dave passed your blog address onto me after he told greg and i about the accident. i am not sure if he told you but i was previously married to a guy that had a brain injury. it is amazing to read your blog b/c it is so very similar to the things i went through. my heart goes out to you. i remember when tim was in the rehab facility and i waited for the day when he would want to know what happened and how he got there so i can totally relate to how you were feeling on this day. that is great that you had a chance to finally tell eric. you are in my thoughts. whitney

  3. Kära Anna-Carin!
    Det var ett tag sedan nu, men jag läser din blogg och glädjs så med att Eric blir bättre och bättre succesivt. Jag kan inte föreställa mig hur otroligt svårt och jobbigt det måste kännas och hur mycket känslorna måste åka berg och dalbana men jag måste säga jag är otroligt imponerad av hur stark och duktig du/ni är som kämpar på, ja man har inget val såklart, men styrkan som finns hos både dig och Eric är nyckeln till att få livet tillbaka. Helt klart.
    Tänker på er massor.
    Kramar, Ulrika

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