Posted by: aceanderic | August 21, 2008

THURSDAY, AUGUST 21 (day 102)

Yesterday was a great day, today wasn’t as good. He was tired for most of the day but did do a whole lot while he was awake. I’m trying to create a morning routine where after he wakes up, we go to the bathroom, then he washes his face, hands and upper body, then it’s time to put the shirt, shorts, socks and shoes on. This practice took him almost two hours so it’s a lesson in how to be patience, that’s for sure. But hey, he did it, and he did it with minimal help from me. We’re not in a hurry so as long as he’s improving, it can take him as much time as he needs. His SLP worked with him but didn’t get a whole lot out of him today. He still can’t point at the blue circle… Eric just put his head down and wouldn’t cooperate with her at all. He actually held his head down more then usual, he complained about neck pain yesterday so the nurse and I have been giving him a neck massage; his muscles are like rocks.


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