Posted by: aceanderic | August 23, 2008

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23 (day 104)

How would you feel if you wrote a blog about your husband’s day? It would be something like “Oh, my husband woke up around 10pm, had breakfast, and then he mowed the lawn…” It would be pretty weird to tell the world about his regular day, huh? That’s actually the feeling I had today. For a while my mind played this game with me, I thought “Did Eric really have this horrible accident? He sure doesn’t act like it”. If I take away the feeding tube, the fact that he needs 24/7 observation, and that most of his words doesn’t make sense I think Eric was 100% Eric today. It was so fun and at the same time I felt weird about writing today’s blog because it was so much Eric; my husband who I missed so much. He woke up not knowing why he’s at the hospital, which is pretty standard. I tell him why, what’s wrong with him, and where he’s at, and then I always end with telling him that he’s going to be ok, it’s just going to take a lot of work. I told him so much today and he answered in his own way, which I’m getting to know better and better. He also used more words today then before. I think his SLP will be surprised on Monday when she finds out about all the new words he can say; we did a lot of practicing today. I also told him about all his injuries and what kind of changes in our life we have to make for the future and he was really chocked to hear all that, and pissed off.

I had a good four hours of awesome communication before I left for lunch. When I got back several friends came for a visit. He was happy to see everyone but it also knocked him out. He felt asleep around 5 pm so I left for the day. For me that was like sneaking out of work too early on a Friday afternoon!



  1. Anna-Carin, I am so sorry to hear of Eric’s accident. I am a longtime friend of Marci and knew Eric very well as children/teens. I can still see that little stinker following Marci and I around, spying on us when we were playing or hanging out. Please tell him I said hello and send my wishes for a speedy recovery. I know he’ll do it. You sound very strong and loving. My prayers are with you both. Please give Marci a hug for me. Sincerely, Lisa (Rocchio is how Eric would know me)

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