Posted by: aceanderic | August 24, 2008

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24 (day 105)

When the dogs and I got there this morning Eric was already up and ready for a nap. His wonderful nurse Amy had already worked with him for several hours. She helped him get dressed, he took a shower, he walked with the walker but with minimal assistance for over 300 feet, plus they also had done some cognitive training. It looks like Eric took a jump forward last Friday evening after he got mad at me; I’ve seen it, the doctor and the nurses has seen it too, and I can’t wait to tell his therapy team tomorrow about his progress.

He had some visitors stopping by today. For a while it got too much for him, I can tell because his body shuts down. He puts his hands in hid lap, head down and eyes open; he gets too over stimulated with too much noise. Marci and Gracie were in town (Eric’s youngest niece) so they came over for a few hours. Gracie was so cute. At first she whispered to Marci and I “Why is uncle Eric doing so and so”? She was too afraid to talk directly to Eric. After a while she got braver and held Eric’s hand and told him about all kinds of things; Eric just looked at her with his big blue eyes and then gave her a hug. Marci worked with Eric on some cognitive training. She said different words like “lamp” and asked him to point at the picture of the lamp. He scored 100% on this test and she gave him a big A.

Looking back to where we where for three months ago we really have come a long way. I remember that horrible day when his Neurosurgeon called Eric “vegetated” and he didn’t give us much hope for Eric to recover. He said the longer Eric stayed in this vegetated state, the harder it would be for him to recover. I think we proved him wrong; Eric has come a very long way. Tomorrow will be a big day, I hope the insurance company agrees with me and also see this big improvement. If they do, we will get granted one more week at this place. If they don’t, we’re moving but I don’t know whereat.



  1. Sounds like you have made huge steps since I was there1 month ago. Almost wish I was coming now as he seems to be much more interactive… it sucks not knowing where you will be going next. Keep hanging in there. Say hi to grumpy Doogy and tell him I will be phoning at 3 a.m. ;o)

    Love Paul

  2. I hope the insurance company does the right thing for Eric. For someone who has been reading your block since the accident, it’s obvious that’s he’s been making big improvements at this place. Best of luck with your fight today.

  3. ACE- I have some experience with insurance companies (working with them for 5+ years as clients.) Please let me know if you want me to discuss a a “bad faith” claim with your claim manager if you are not getting the coverage you are entitled to have under your policy. -C

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