Posted by: aceanderic | August 25, 2008

MONDAY, AUGUST 25 (day 106)

You probably wonder what the insurance company said; sorry but I don’t know yet, hoping for an answer tomorrow. Eric was down for the weather today, he through up last night. The doctor is running tests, it could be a stomach alsor from all the stress he’s experiencing. Despite this Eric walked about 1,500 feet with his head up, he practiced saying words with me and counting and he did it well.

Like any relationship Eric and I have had our differences. Eric is the most stubborn man I’ve met which many times I’ve been mad at him for. His stubbornness is today something I’m grateful for and I believe this will help him recover. We love each other very much but unfortunately love was never given a chance to be on it’s own; there’s been so many sad happenings in our family, so many tests, tears and stress. I now think that all that happened so we would know how to better handle this horrible situation. The past is behind us and doesn’t matter, I love my husband and I’m standing by his side, fighting with more power I ever done before for his health. We are both very stubborn. Eric has asked me for the past days if I’m ok. I tell him that I’m holding up and I ask him to take care of himself. He needs all his strengths to recover, but yet he keeps asking if I’m ok. Hundreds of people are telling me to take care of myself too, but yet I’m putting Eric’s health above mine; I’m just as stubborn as Eric is. I know Eric is going to be ok, he shows us new things every day. The steps are extremely minimal. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon as someone said about the recovery process. I hate running but I’m doing this marathon because tomorrow is a new day. I’m not giving up, Eric promised me to not give up either.

Go to the link below, a Swede wrote this song and it’s my new inspiration song. I’m juggling five attorneys, insurance company, paper work that’s like a foreign language, financial issues, a car that won’t sell, a serious injured husband, and so much more but yet I for some reason is staying positive; we’re going to be ok. Is something wrong with me??



  1. Ace and Eric you both stay stubborn and strong!

  2. Tough times do not last, tough people do. A marathon requires you to pace yourself. Sometimes you just need to take a time out to catch your breath. And that is ok. You are running for two.



  3. Hi Eric, I remember when you were just a little one. Yeah, I remember you were stuborn then and I’m glad to hear that you still are. That trait will get you through. You are amazing. I read your blog every day and am so impressed with the progress you are making.Way to go Eric. Okay, now do you remember me? What is your final answer ? Please know that you and your wife are in my daily prayers. Love, Betty

  4. Like I told you today ACE, far and away the best I’ve seen Eric. Working with him has allowed me to see his progress and being gone for the week I was elated to see how much better he is communicating with me and how improved he is at understanding his surroundings.

  5. Hello Ace and Eric,

    I’ve been following your blog since the beginning, my best to the both of you. Ace, I just want you to know how proud I am of you, there’s not a worse scenario yall could be in, you are amazing. I just wanted to offer my support and let you know that a bunch of folks are really impressed with both of you.
    All your feelings are justified and I know there are many, when yu become frustrated, feel no guilt, it’s perfectly normal. Eric is one lucky guy to have such a mate, the very best to yu and this will pass.

  6. Course something is wrong with you – you’re mental!!!

    Say hi to Eric for me

    ;o) love Paul

  7. There is nothing wrong with you. And everything right.

    It is my pleasure to read every day about Eric’s progress. You are going to make it with love and stubbornness. 😉

  8. It’s that stubborn Swedish toughness and thank God! Hang in there ACE. Each of these issues will slowly be resolved (insurance, car, etc.) and your list will get smaller. Don’t forget to lean on us for support and make sure to take time out for yourself. -C

  9. Nope… absolutely nothing is wrong with you, you are amazing!!! Keep doing what you’re doing !

  10. Anna-Carin, God has given you special gifts that not only are you discovering, understanding and growing from, but you are showing the world what true deep unconditional love is all about. And that my friend, is truly a blessing for us all.

    You don’t have to be strong everyday and every minute, but being strong and convicted is something you will look back on and feel such pride in your heart and soul. Eric is SO VERY fortunate to have you as his wife and we are as your family.

    Sending lots of love and hugs! Gina (Ava and Hunter too) xoxo

  11. Oh Ace, you are such an inspiration. You have such an amazing strength that is just wonderful. You just hang in there and keep accepting help from your family and friends. Eric is incredibly lucky to have such a dear, devoted wife such as you. I feel like I know you and Eric by reading this blog for over 3 months now, we are with you in thought every day. Lorraine at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital

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