Posted by: aceanderic | August 26, 2008

TUESDAY, AUGUST 26 (day 107)

I had a meeting with Eric’s doctor today as well as the therapy team and the Case Manager. The insurance company approved us to stay to Friday at least, the meeting was about how to approach Eric’s therapy needs, and hopefully get more time at this hospital. The Eric I knew before the accident liked pushing himself to the max; he was never scared of pain, he actually liked it because it meant progress for him. That’s the Eric I’ve seen lately, I think he’s ready to really get pushed to the max. He took a big step forward with his SLP today. We’re past the part where he’s swallowing ice, today he ate some apple sauce, cottage cheese and drank a few sips of a fruit drink; and he did great. We’re moving forward in minimal steps. Besides that, he slept for most of the day. Looks like he has some sort of bug so the doctor is running more tests again.

The family and I have heard this statement from the hospital staff several times and Eric’s doctor told me the same thing today. I’ve heard it many times but yet it’s hard to accept and it’s hard to understand that Eric will change. On May 10th at 2.44am a drunk driver destroyed the life Eric knew. That Eric will never come back. The Eric I see today will change next week, and even more by next year. He will continue changing for years to come. We have no idea what kind of changes we’re facing, or what kind of challenges. Every TBI survivor is unique and we all have our own story to tell. Eric could turn out to be better human being or worse, only the future will tell. The word “change” is a powerful word when you’re referring to someone’s life, someone’s personality and someone’s recovery, especially when we didn’t choose to make this change.



  1. I was talking with my good friend Sean Croson (College roommate from University of Idaho) today and he told me about his friend Erik Davidson being hit on his bike in Portland. I’ve been reading your daily blogs and just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you guys and if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. My work cell phone is (503) 793-3722 and I work Monday-Thursday downtown Portland in the Cold Case Homicide Unit. If Erik is friends with Sean then he must be a great guy!

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