Posted by: aceanderic | August 28, 2008

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 (day 109)

I was pleased to hear from Eric’s PT and SLP that they are extremely happy with Eric’s progress for the week, despite the stomach issues he’s been having. They finally saw what I have seen for a while now; Eric understands everything you say to him, and he’s letting you know what he needs and how he feels. He just needs it to be calm and quite around him to better follow commands; too much noise is only distracting. I always keep the door closed when I’m with him to keep the hallway noises out. That, plus the fact that I’m spending more time with him then anyone makes it easier for me to communicate with him. You also need to gain your trust with Eric if you want to see result. I know his PT has; it’s Eric’s cousin and I know Eric tested him big time in the beginning. It’s same with his SLP who also, in the beginning, had to struggle. The person struggling right now is his OT, she didn’t get anywhere with him today besides “the lock”, but she has also been gone for two weeks…

Eric talked more then usual today. In the beginning of this nightmare I longed for the day to hear Eric’s voice again, I missed it so much. Eric’s “normal” voice is gone, at least for now, and I sure hope it will come back because I love his voice. I can’t describe Eric’s current voice, it’s really different. I’m not complaining, at least he’s trying to talk. He even sang the ABC song and the Happy Birthday song today with his SLP. She did most of the singing but he did sing part of it.

To sum up the day I must say that today was a good day. One of the last things Eric said to me before I left was “Can I have a hug?” I’ve waited a long time to hear that from him and it put a smile on my face.



  1. Thats so great– your blog helps me remind myself that it’s the little things that matter.

  2. Progress! How wonderful to hear. Thanks, ACE. It means a lot to everyone who can’t be there as much as we’d like that we can check in on a daily basis and hear how things are going. Love- Cas

  3. Its so nice to hear that he is making such great progress! You are the MAN Eric!

  4. Ace,your strength and positive attitude inspire me everyday. You and Eric are incredibly strong people.

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