Posted by: aceanderic | August 29, 2008

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 (day 110)

Everyone, hats off for Eric, he was absolute awesome today and he put tears on many faces. Marci called and I know she cried when he said her name on the phone for the first time. She’s been waiting a long time to hear him say that. I was Eric’s OT this morning and he broke the record for the time it took him to get dressed. When we started it took us over an hour, today it only took him 15 minutes. I tried to get him to help me with his laundry but he just looked at me and pretended to be tired. Just like the old days…. I tried to get him to do some more stuff but he then just looked at me and the did the “crack the whip sign” and pointed at me. Just like the old days….

Eric is technically not supposed to know how to read. What I’ve read it sounds like most TBI survivors needs to relearn how to read but then again, every person is unique and there are no clear answers on what to expect. Well, call Eric unique but he read for his SLP today. He read the word “yellow”, said it out loud and then pointed at the yellow orchid I put up on his wall. To make the read-talk-point connection is awesome. He also said some full sentences to her as well. Eric’s SLP hade the biggest smile on her face by the time she was done. He did great on everything she worked with him on. His cousin was also extremely pleased with Eric’s performance. They practiced balance, it wasn’t perfect but he did very well. During his PT time Eric communicated great, if not talking he used his fingers to let us know what’s going on.

Eric’s progressed has been amazing in the eyes of the doctors and the staff working with him. Unfortunately the insurance company doesn’t agree, they expected him to progress further by now so I got the news today that they most likely only will allow us to stay one more week, and he’s not ready for the rehabilitation center. This means that he either comes home until he’s ready to move to the next place or going back to the “Rehab Spa” which is a skilled nursing facility where 90% is over 70 years old!!



  1. Never liked the bean counters with their bearing brains.

  2. I hope the insurance company reconsiders. Sounds like he’s coming along very nicely.

  3. You can appeal.

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