Posted by: aceanderic | August 31, 2008

SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 (day 112)

Eric did fall asleep last night after I left him, but only for a short time. He stayed up all night bugging and questioning the nurses about the feeding tub, he didn’t fall asleep until 7am. So today was a relaxed day, the only thing we could get him do to was to walk around “the block” as I call it. He was very tired and I can’t blame him. The doctor told me he’s concerned about Eric’s safety, and yet he’s happy he’s getting more and more aware of what’s going on. Eric has figured out how to disconnect the bed alarm and how to untie the belt which keeps him restrained in bed. He’s not strong enough to walk on his own yet and he can’t keep his balance so this is a huge safety issue. I hope I don’t have to get one of those late calls from the hospital again about Eric falling out of bed.

My other boy in my life decided that I don’t have enough going on in my life so he made it more fun for me. I had to take my oldest dog Singha to the emergency vet this morning. This is the third vet visit for him this summer; ridicules. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he might have pulled a muscle so he’s on strict order from the vet to limit his activity for a week. What an awesome summer this is!!



  1. i got caught up on eric today … thank you so much fro this blog . my wife and i keep you in our prayers and will not forget about erics fight for recovery.
    blessings to you both!!

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