Posted by: aceanderic | September 1, 2008


It was a holiday for most American’s today but yet another regular day for Eric and I. Every morning I tell Eric why he’s at the hospital and the story behind it, and every morning he reacts the same to what I say. I have the routine down now; but for Eric it must be a horrible feeling. His face says; “What, I’ve been at the hospital for how long…and I have a brain injury….?? It takes him a while to process the information, its’ the same every morning. I’ve been waiting for a sign where he will remember part of the information from earlier. Some days he has an idea but for the most part he doesn’t remember. Eric’s life seams to be like the movie Groundhog Day.

While I worked with Eric today on his different therapy needs, back in my head I tried to process what might hit me next week. Doe Eric really need to come home next week because insurance won’t let him stay at the hospital? He’s not an acute long term patient anymore according to them, but yet he’s not ready for the Rehabilitation Center. I’m not ready to bring him home, the house isn’t ready, and I don’t have the nursing skills it takes to take care of Eric’s 24/7 needs. And I don’t have money in my pocket to pay for in-home nursing care, which isn’t included in my benefit plans. I try not to panic, I’m sure there’s a solution I just need to find it, I need to stay focused…so I keep a smile on my face while I help Eric getting dressed, helping him talk, walk and gaining his strength and balance back. I can’t show Eric I’m upset, I need him to stay focused on his recovery and health. I need a miracle…



  1. This is all such great news, each day when I read the blog I am on the edge of my seat, today I caught up on the last few days and just about fell out of my seat when I read what Eric has been up to. He continues to inspire me every day! Keep hanging tough Ace, you are awesome although we have never met! I hope to see Eric soon!

  2. Maybe you need a lawyer, or someone who can advocate for you with the health insurance company! From reading about soldiers with TBI, it seems the ones that are able to get the most care do the best. It sounds like Eric is making a lot of progress, and although I don’t know you all, I would like to see that happen in the most optimal conditions.

  3. I have goose bumps after catching up! It sounds like Eric is doing great and so are you! I think that you should look into an advocate or an attorney too. It looks like the ins are looking at things ” on paper” amd not thinking about you or eric. He is doing soooo GREAT and I would hate to see this recovery get slower all b/c of Money! God bless you, you are so strong and I am so glad to hear of his improvemnt. Again he is blessed to have you in his life, you are3 a Wonderful Wife! Keep your chin up, there are a lot of us cheering for you and a lot of positive thought is being sent your way!

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