Posted by: aceanderic | September 2, 2008


Well this was an interesting day. If you think you’ve seen me fight for Eric’s rights and health before, you should have seen me today. I’m fired up and extremely angry; I’m not the person who sits on the sideline while someone else is making poor suggestions about my husband’s future care. I’m in a war with my health insurance company and the case manager at the hospital. I’ve talked with several attorneys, I had a meeting with the insurance people, meetings with the doctor, therapies, and case manager, and uncountable phone calls until my phone battery died. In the middle of this Eric looked at me, and with tears in his eyes he said, “You’re amazing! You’re amazing!” and then he gave me a huge hug. I’m not sure if he referred to the newly washed clothes I handed him, or to the fact that he knows what’s going on behind his back. I’ve kept him in the loop some but I haven’t told him everything; I don’t want to make him worried. Either way, those words came in the right time and from the right person; I needed it so much at that time. He knows we might move on Friday and I told him that wherever we end up moving, it will be a good place and that I will be there by his side. A move is always stressful for him so I’m trying to make it as smooth for him as possible. He understands, and he kept fingers crossed, as I asked him to, about the decision we’re facing tomorrow. I still have a few cards to play tomorrow and if the insurance still decides to “kick us out” on Thursday, the only option left for us is to have Eric move to an adult foster home who specializes in TBI care. I’m facing thousands of dollars in fees per month since the insurance doesn’t cover for this kind of care, but unfortunately this will be my only option. But as I said, I’ve not given up yet.

Enough about me…. Eric had his first dinner today. Yep, that’s right. His meal was turkey puree, peas puree, chocolate pudding, orange and apple juice. There are no words that can describe his face expression when he tasted turkey and peas puree. It tasted worse then it looked. I felt so bad for him. He waited pretty much all day for this and then he couldn’t eat it because of the horrible taste. He did try though, he really did. And he did awesome with the swallowing. Come Thanksgiving, I know Eric will be able to eat REAL turkey for dinner.



  1. You are amazing. I just wish you didn’t have to spend energy fighting with insurance companies to get your husband the care he needs. Our healthcare system infuriates me.

  2. You are a strong woman – Eric is one lucky man.

  3. I’ve been sending you names, but let me know if you want me to get on a call with you at any time. Sometimes having another family advocate for you- not just Eric- can be helpful.

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