Posted by: aceanderic | September 4, 2008


Today was the best moving day we’ve had so far. I actually drove Eric myself in our car and for the ten minutes it took us to get there I felt ridicules “normal”. I just wanted to shout to everyone “Hey everyone, look at us…we look like a normal couple! I’m driving my husband.” Really stupid, I know. Eric said he didn’t recognized the car but he knew his way around once he was seated in the passenger seat so I think he did. There’s always so much paper work to fill out when we move in, new people to meet, and the important part; decoration of the room with all our pictures so that always take a while. Eric stayed in bed while I was running around, and he learned how to master both the remote control for the TV and the bed which made him happy. I really expected him to be tired after the move but it was the opposite. Eric had to check out the new place so off we went, around and around the place. We toured with a walker, without a walker, in the wheelchair, without the walker but with a nurse on each side – Eric was all over the place. After a while he looked at me and said he now wanted to go home. Oh boy, here we go, I thought. I explained that this would be his new home for a while. I asked if he liked it and he said yes. But then later he was ready to go home again, so I repeated myself again.

Since he can’t be restrained a nurse is going to sit with him all night to make sure he doesn’t get up and hurt himself. I didn’t tell him that she was there because he’s a trouble maker, I sold her in to Eric as she was his private nurse and that he could ask her for help any time. Man, he really like the idea of being treated as royalty.

I was sad to leave the other place, and so was Eric. The staff has been wonderful and you all took good care of Eric. As I’ve said to everyone we have met so far on our path since the day it started, we are going to come back to you one day. Eric will be walking by my side, talking, laughing, and shaking your hand as a thank you.



  1. Thinking of you both everyday!

  2. I can sympathize with how you feel- I have been there and the daily grind feels tough sometimes and you just want to scream at the top of your lungs because it feels as if nobody really knows and really understands, to all the people who smile and nod and say “yes, I know” you just want to slap them because its not the same because its YOUR husband and YOUR whole life. And they just don’t understand!!!. I get it and I am truly sorry for the pain you, Eric and the rest of your family has gone through.
    My only piece of advice for you is.. Look at Eric and what he needs- tell whoever ask for whatever money “sure”, “yes”, smile and nod tell them “I will figure out a way to pay you, lets just get Eric the care he needs”. When the time comes months down the road to make a payment on the bills the money will be there. Either from a monthly payment from you and Eric, from family, a stranger or from an insurance appeal that finally went thru six months late!! The money will be there.
    For me this was the hardest stage- Eric is aware of what he wants but just cant get it out- He says “no” or “I don’t know” but then he does know! Like he didn’t recognize the car but he knew the inside for example where the radio was or how to move the seat to make it comfortable. He’s hungry but doesn’t want to eat because the food is nasty- trust me though you want him to get use to the food or you will have a big mess!! I talk from experience- I thought what harm could sneaking in a little bit of different food in, once you get vomit down the front of you then you will know how important it really is- I talked to the dietician and got the calorie/carb/protein needed then choose things that he would like- And yes I used to use baby food too- and then they put a powder supplement in to make sure there are enough vitaims and minerals- Once Eric gets the swallowing down and tolerance for something in his stomach he will be on solids in no time it may be a matter of weeks before he is eating “real food”
    Just hang in there sweetheart! I know it’s not easy and there seems like there is not light at the end of the tunnel but eventually things will get better- and you are right things won’t ever be the same because you probably never had to truly fight for what you believed in and eric has never had to fight for his life- but things will get better and life will go and there will be some sort of normal for you two in the future. God bless and Good Luck!!!

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