Posted by: aceanderic | September 6, 2008


Today was a special day for me. When we arrived, Eric looked right at me with his big blue eyes (curly hair back!) and his goofy grin, it was wonderful! From there, Ava had him spell many different words, most of which he got correct, some were a little off. Then Bill the PT came in to take Eric to the therapy room which was interesting. He wanted Eric to have just the right wheelchair. He had me try out a smaller one that seemed right for Eric but when he got in it he didn’t like it so much, he preferred the bigger one, of course! We had him try on gloves that Bill thought might help with the rough wheels of the chair but Eric did not like them. Then after some exercises we were back to the room.

In the room, Eric had something he needed to say to me… it was amazing and powerful. He tried to tell me, by his sounds, hand motions and wide eyes, I believe, that God saved his life. It was so touching that I could not help but tear up. What Eric did was this: he looked at me with the “Davidson” eyes, that look at you when he has something really important to say, that look deep into your soul. Then he rubbed his head, made the sign of the cross on his chest, held up both arms with hands facing me, almost winked, goofy grin like “see I’m still here, I’m good!” I knew what he was saying, he’s my little brother, we get each other and have since we were kids. Even though I had no idea what the sounds said, I knew the eyes and hand gestures. He was saved, someone protected him from dying that fateful day, May 10 2:44am. His life changed and he was trying to tell me he was here and OK, he’s going to be OK. He looked at me like he wanted me to know, “it’s going to be OK Gina, it is”. I wept. When he saw my tears, his face changed, to sadness. I held his hand and told him, “it’s OK, tears are OK, they heal and I’m SO happy you’re still here!” “Yes, you were in a horrible accident but you’re here and all your parts are working, yes they are! Your head needs some help but that will come, soon.” Then I kissed his forehead and held him TIGHT like any big sister would. I wanted my hug to tell him “I’m here and I love you and it’s all going to be OK little bro, it will!”

After that, my kids and I wrote in the journal and watched football with Eric while he slowly fell asleep. 

We will return early tomorrow morning before we leave to head home (wish we are not so far away…) to attend the picnic.

Eric and Anna-Carin, we love you both so much! Gina, Ava and Hunter



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