Posted by: aceanderic | September 7, 2008


It’s a wonderful thing to be reminded of what great friendship is all about. Well that was the kind of day our family experienced today. The fundraiser was truly special, full of laughter, hugs and sharing. I want to express my deep gratitude to all those involved in putting the event together and to the terrific people who attended, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

It was so great to visit with friends we grew up with, went to school with, our parents friends and new faces too. I’m sure Eric and Anna-Carin will enjoy hearing about who was there and seeing the pictures (thanks Didi!).

Lorraine, sure you’re not in Development??? You are a SUPERSTAR!

Fred the food was tasty especially the pork!

On behalf of our family, a HUGE thank you to everyone!! Let’s do it again when Eric and Anna-Carin can attend. :>

~ Gina



  1. Anna-Carin, I will be depositing $3000 to the account in the next couple of days!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

    Once again, special thanks to Marty Wine and Tim, Shannon (Ramsey) Reynolds, Kim (Ryan) Stege, Kelly Ryan, Kerry and Pat Ryan, Fred Croson, and Didi Miles.

    It was wonderful to see Pam, Gina, and Marci.
    Our love and support to all of you!

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