Posted by: aceanderic | September 8, 2008


I had a great and relaxing weekend by the Washington coast but I was happy to be back in the game with Eric today. He gave me a huge smile this morning so I take it as he was happy to see me too. Things are always out of the norm over the weekends so today was the first “official day” with the new routine of therapy, and for Eric and I to get to know how things work. I spent most of the day getting to know the different services provided, new names and new staff, plus introducing Eric to folks working with him. Once again I’m there to tell the nurse and therapy team about Eric’s cognitive level, what he can do and how they should communicate with him. Yes, I’m really over protective, but then again, how will Eric learn if they do everything for him!! I have a good feeling about the therapy Eric will get at this place; they offer a large bright room with tons of equipment. Eric’s PT put Eric into work; the goal is to get his “chicken legs” stronger and to improve his balance. His OT worked on strengthens the arms. She asked him to do 20 reps on each arm, but I think she got impatient, and I know she wasn’t counting so she asked him to stop after 17 reps. I decided to check on Eric and asked him how many he had done – he answered 17 with a goofy smile which is what I had counted to as well. I really didn’t expect him to count and to do it right, but he did. Very nice, I like when Eric surprises me like that.

The remaining of the day didn’t go as well as the morning unfortunately. He has problems with his stomach again so he had to stay in bed for most of the afternoon. The nurse didn’t understand why but I could count three issues which could cause the pain; he’s getting a different kind of food through the feeding tube which always has been a problem, eating puree food is going to upset his stomach until he’s used to that kind of food, and his acid reflex is back due to stress.



  1. I always hoped Eric would marry an amazing woman…I am so glad he did.
    I am a high school friend who just heard tonight about his accident. We haven’t seen each other since graduation, but please tell him I say hello. He was a good friend to me and my folks always enjoyed his visits to our house. He and my dad got along well…even after Eric challenged him to a game of bowling…Eric didn’t know my old dad still had it in him and my dad won. 🙂 Tell Eric I married a good Scottish man and just came back from Scotland visiting his family. I am thanking God for Eric’s life and his future with you…and praying for perseverance and healing for you both.

    Mo Roach Hislop

  2. Hi Eric and Anna-Carin,
    Caroline informed us of the nasty accident that Eric was in and our hearts and prayers go out to you both for a speedy recovery. We have been reading with interest and awe the daily updates of Eric’s progress and sometimes setbacks that you so painstakingly present to us. He appears to be making great strides to walk and talk and although they appear to be just baby steps every little helps and it is a step closer to becoming whole again.
    Mike and I only met Eric 3 times, 2 of the times when he came to Vancouver but we enjoyed his visits with us – he made a mean Margarita and was full of fun and life. With your love and perseverence we are sure he will eventually be back to his old self. We will be thinking of you both lots and you will continue to be in our prayers. Please continue to keep us updated, with your blog, on Eric’ progress and hope that he continues to move forward in leaps and bounds.

    Gill and Mike Compton

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