Posted by: aceanderic | September 9, 2008


Could someone please remind me about how my summer has been? Days like today makes me draw blank about the stress, sadness, frustration and hope I’ve gone through for the past four months. Today was absolute wonderful. I realize we’re going to have more and more days like this as Eric progress, we’ll also have setbacks and more stressful and sad days. All that makes it worth fighting for if I can have more days like today. Our plan back in early spring was to have this summer dedicated to camping and BBQ, this was going to be our summer for relaxation and getting in shape, instead it became our worse nightmare with a slam dunk on the emergency brake and a 360 degree change in life. Today was wonderful because I had Eric in our world for the whole time I was with him. With that I mean, he didn’t drift off to his own world where his words and actions doesn’t make sense to us. He was focused, understood everything that was said and happened around him, and he participated in what was asked off him, and he asked questions. He heard me arguing with the nurse about his care and his medicine and I welcomed him into my world; all he could do what to shake his head; he knew what I did was right and he thanked me for being there for him. We had a very emotional morning; I wanted to share with him the support we have received from all of you. I named some high school friends, long distant family members, clients of Eric, friends, and names of people we don’t even know, I read some of your blog notes and emails. Eric couldn’t take it. The support you’re giving us is enormous and it was too much for him to take in; he cried and totally lost it, and so did I. Please keep on sending your blog notes, please send more, it’s good for him to know he’s not alone through this. He couldn’t take it today but one day he will, and knowing you’re out there will only make him fight more.

His PT and OT training today were awesome, he pushed himself and I could see in his eyes how he was fighting. It’s like he has his own personal trainer and he gets that part, we have had a personal trainer before. It’s harder to get him to speak. Eric has been called many things in his life, but “shy” and “silent” is new but that’s what his nurse called him today. Eric is half Scottish and half Italian, there’s nothing shy and silent about him, it’s more the opposite. Eric won’t talk because his voice is different, and he doesn’t like it. It’s frustrating for him, myself and everyone else because we can’t understand him. I keep on telling him to practice, it’s just like lifting weight…he needs to practice to get stronger and one day, it will all come back. I asked him to believe in that, and to not give up.



  1. That is amazing– I have to say that I have feeds for a lot of different blogs, but yours is the only one I ready every single day. It is so motivating to hear how Eric is progressing and I always look forward to hearing some good news. It really puts everything into perspective.


  2. Eric, we are so proud of the progress that you are making. Keep fighting! We love you. See you Friday.
    Love Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dick

  3. I was in Bellevue today and saw Pepper. He told me more about the wonderful picnic. I wish we could have been there! We read about you everyday, Eric, thanks to Anna-Carin, your sisters and your Mom. We pray for you every day too and we truly believe that you will gain strength and abilities every day. Peace and love to you from all of us!

  4. You are right, it’s all about the training. You don’t jump on your bike and ride a century, you train for it. He’s just training for his next century. 😉

  5. I’m one of the complete strangers who’s been reading your blog since day 1 or 2, whenever I first saw it mentioned on If I didn’t fight it back, I’d ride in fear of being smashed by a car every time I get on my bike, so I find myself sort of obsessively curious about how bad bike accidents turn out. Also, a very good friend of mine had a TBI in a horrible freeway motorcycle accident, so once I started reading about Eric’s progress, I felt like I was seeing the first days of my friend Tom’s recovery. Tom’s accident was 14 years ago and nobody who was near him then (I lived 1000 miles away) even had the internet, much less a blog, so this kind of journal of information wasn’t available. I keep reading and imagining how great it would have been. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and let you know good thoughts are coming to you from another stranger. Oh, and Tom’s voice is different now than it was before. But after all these years, it’s just Tom’s voice. Everybody, including him, got used to the new sound of it sort of the way you get used to someone who went bald. It probably scares Eric every time he hears it, but whether his voice gets completely back to what it was or not, the more he talks, the more he’ll get used to the sound of it. Go on and talk, Eric! I’m sure everyone who loves you is happy to hear your voice.

  6. Hello Anna-Carin, I am also one of the many that have been reading this blog daily. I am good friends with Tiffani who worked with Eric for years. I met Eric briefly back in the Ridge Mortgage days. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you, Eric and your families. I pray you all stay strong, and that the road to recovery shortens. Anna-Carin you are the strongest, most wonderful wife Eric and his family could have asked for, you’re truly amazing!!! My thoughts and prayers will continue for all of you. Take Care, and thank you for the daily updates 

  7. A few days ago, when I asked you to squeeze my hand HARD if you believed we were going to go snowboarding again someday soon, you looked me in the eye, … and DID IT! We both believe it, and so does everybody else…!

    And so, big deal, you’re voice may be different. We’re just going to be hootin’ and hollerin’ riding the powder through the trees, anyway…

    Keep on charging forward buddy!

  8. WOW! To see how far Eric has come is amazing. I only met Eric once, however we spoke on the phone a few times a week. I am looking forward to speaking with him and laughing together again.

  9. Keep on keepin’ on Eric and ACD! We really don’t care if you sound like the old Eric or not, we are just so thankful that you are making sounds and good progress. Our deepest wish for you both, is that you’re able to get back to living life fully, as you are so familiar, as soon as you can. We understand that life is different, but your spirit and determination are the same and will be of great help to get you back to living the way you both so enjoy.

    Here is the website (my first one, whoo!) with the fundraiser photos. Enjoy!!

    Marci and I will see you Friday evening and be with you for the weekend.

    Lots of love, Gina

  10. Hey Anna-Carrin,
    Just wanted to drop a line and say Hello from everyone at Acadia. We all read and are keeping track of Eric’s progress!!! Just wanted to let you know we are always sending positive vibes your way. We are happy to read that Eric is improving every day.
    Sarah and Adam

  11. Eric!!!! Dude you just keep pushing it man! You used to tell me what I went through was unreal… Well now the tables have turned and you are doing the very things that you said were amazing.. not giving up and fighting when all you wanna do is just quit because its all so overwhelming. You’re fighting like crazy and it has inspired me all over again. I’m actually heading to the gym today to renew my membership after slacking off for a few months. With you fighting so hard day in day out I thought to myself… Eric is fighting, how come I’m not…then I told myself get your ass back in the gym and keep up with therapy for my back… Eric is not quitting nor can I! I read the blog everyday and each time after reading I sit back and think what must be going through your mind. All of this progress makes my day every time I read about it. I know you cant read this yet but one day soon you’ll be able to or maybe Ace can pass my words along to you. And sometime in the near future I’ll take you to my tattoo artist that you so badly wanted to get work done by and we” get some work done… Some day soon Buddy….

  12. Hey Anna-Carin. I am so thankful to read about your day today. I read this great article in the New York Times today about a woman cyclist who went from being a top world class cyclist to severe brain injury and 6 years of rehab to a gold medal in cycling today at age 52! She had the best quote “You can be very upset at the world and have everyone take care of you,” Buchan said by telephone from Beijing, “or get back on your feet again.”

    And you and Eric have been on your feet for every moment – taking everything one step at a time and are literally and metaphorically getting back on your feet. We’re all in your corner.

  13. Oh and here is a link to that article:

  14. Below is a link to a great song that speaks for itself. It is the best motivating song for me ever. It makes you just want to fight.

    The video is supposed to be a funny remake of the song so it is not the real version but you get the point.

    Keep you head up

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