Posted by: aceanderic | September 10, 2008


Yesterday I said that if I could have more days like yesterday it all would be worth fighting for. I got what I asked for; today was also a great day. Eric stayed in “our world” the whole day without drifting off. Well, I take that back, he’s still drifting off, and will do so for quite some time, but it’s different and not so substational. Eric is different, he took a big step forward a few days ago and I’ve noticed a huge change overall.

After a week of begging, Eric finally got what he wanted; his SLP allowed him to drink a Coca Cola and to eat some cheese. Eric was in heaven! The mouth is an interesting part of our body. Did you know that if you don’t eat for months you’re taste buds start failing and things that you used to love could taste different? The tongue plays a bigger part of speech and swallowing that I could ever have imaging, and if we don’t use your tongue this part will of course become weaker. Based on her experience, Eric’s vocal cords are not damaged; his voice is different because the muscular are weak. Eric cried of relive when she said that, and I almost did too but I stayed strong and positive for Eric’s sake. I cried out of relief later in the day when I was alone in the car. She gave Eric a list of exercised designed to increase the strength and range of motion of oral and pharyngeal musculature. Eric just need to practice and soon enough his voice will come back, it might change slightly but that’s ok because I know it will come back. I’ve noticed that Eric is very emotional overall these days so it’s important for me to show a positive side, and to encourage him to get going. I know he’s realizing what happened to him and it’s a lot to take in. He actually wanted to know what happened and what I’ve been up to for the last four months. I warned him…. we normally tell everything to each other daily, and it’s been four months since I really talked with him last, so I had a lot to say and I still do. He was ok with it, so I talked, and I talked. We talked for over three hours, he listed, he cried, he asked questions I couldn’t understand, and most of all he was shocked and over-whelmed but he wanted to hear it all, and see all the pictures I’ve taking of his progress. He took it all in and I hope he won’t get nightmares tonight!! I really do think he will remember most or at least part of our conversation by tomorrow, he comes across to be so alert.

I had such a great time with him so I missed an even I was suppose to go to tonight. When I left I kissed him and said, “Welcome back Eric, I missed you. Hope you’re ready to get working.” He said yes and gave me a smile.



  1. It is hard not being there with him. I want to be the one to keep progressing his PT, to get to work on the more complex activities and neuromuscular retraining as Eric keeps improving. Man its good to hear about him changing though. He has made big strides and even though he will have setbacks he’s navigating his way through this marathon.

  2. ACE, I am so happy to read today’s post. I’m glad the man you love is still in there and I’m thrilled to hear he’s finding his way back.

  3. I broke my leg from being hit by a car on the intersection. I was taken to a hospital. I had a surgery to fix the leg. I had the brace on it instead of cast and I was not allowed to walk per doctor order. I had to use crutches for 6 weeks. My leg muscles were kinda mishapened due to lack of usage. When the brace was off, it took a while to get it back in shape. (about 1 year). Guess it is the same thing to his tongue and vocal muscles you were talking about. Hopefully he will get better. With muscle injuries/inaction it is slow process. We become a bit impatient with time sometimes.

  4. Feeling very overwhelmed with emotion based on your last couple of days of blogs. We are with you in this (although you both have to do the heavy lifting yourselves) but we support you completely. I am still waiting to here Eric call me “Booza” with that twinkle in his eye. I don’t care what voice he says it with. -C

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