Posted by: aceanderic | September 14, 2008

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 (day 126)

Patience is a very difficult quality to master, but even more so when a loved one is struggling. This is something I have been thinking about for weeks and months. I pray everyday for God to give me and us the strength to be patience in Eric’s recovery. It’s challenging because we want so much for him to be better NOW. Brain injuries are probably one of the longest in recovery time, bummer. I try to remind myself to appreciate the littlest things, it helps most of the time. ;>

Eric is really improving, better than we had expected and were told, but we still can’t help but feel sad that he/we all have to go through this. I know “they” say, “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger” but… this is really hard.

“Too many for one day” is what Eric wrote for us. We totally understood and stayed for about an hour, kept his room very quite and talked about a few things. He was physically and mentally doing fine but said he wanted to just hang out and relax today, “Sunday football” kind of day. We discovered that when Eric is tired it’s difficult to understand him. His already whispered voice is even softer and the annunciation isn’t as clear. We asked the nurse to let visitors know to keep it brief and quiet. We’ve been told that TBI patients heal best during their sleep and the brain re-learns when stimulated by physical and mental exercises.

Marci made a calendar of the month that Eric requested. He was happy when we put it up at the end of his bed so it’s easy to see. She crossed off the days pasted. I mentioned to Eric that today is Pepper’s birthday, he smiled.

While sitting on the bed with Eric watching football, I was tickling his feet trying to make him smile. He gave me a funny grin and said, “that feels good.” I said, “OK, I’ll give you a foot massage” he smiled and said, “you’re the manicurist.”

As we were getting ready to leave, Eric said, “thank you for coming, I love you and see you soon.” He waved good-bey and gave us a smile. It was not easy to leave, but felt OK because his spirits were good.

Aunt Joyce, Uncle Dick and Jason stopped by to visit and from the sounds of it, kept it brief, thank you!

We had a wonderful weekend, not just with Eric but Singha and Cooper too.


Gina and Marci



  1. Gina, Hang in there!!! I can only imagine how hard this is for all of you. I am so excited to read about Eric progress and I can’t wait to meet him and Anna-Carin someday. Thinking about you. Love Rayna

  2. Hi guys

    so happy to hear that grumpy doogie is getting on so well. we are now in our house so are back on computer etc. will try and call one night to speak to you both. wish we were closer. would love to pop in and see u guys.

    give the doogie a hug and kiss for me and tell him i miss him and we will chat soon.

    lots of love to you both


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