Posted by: aceanderic | September 16, 2008


I’ve been away for the weekend, taking care of some business out of town but I was back with Eric today again. Going away gave me a break from my world but Eric was always on my mind and it was nice being back with him again. I am responsible for Eric’s care, which is why I received a call from the facility late Sunday night; the nurse had found Eric on the floor next to the bed. His one-on-one nurse had left him to go to the bathroom; I will make sure we won’t see her around Eric ever again. So away or not, I’m always involved.

Eric smiled when I walked in to his room this morning and we spend some time catching up, his vocabulary is getting larger and it was easier to understand him. He had an appointment scheduled with his Neurosurgeon at his office so I took Eric there in our car, along with a nurse. I’ve been waiting for this moment, and he got as surprised to see Eric’s state as I’d hoped for. It was an emotional moment for me when Eric said, “I’m retarded, and this life sucks. What do I need to do to get back doing enjoying my sports again and to enjoy my life?” His answer was to stay strong and to do a lot of rehab, which we’re already working on. His doctor was truly really surprised which was priceless to see. After that I took Eric back to Emanuel Hospital to visit the staff at ICU and TRACU, the two units Eric spent his time at in the beginning. They called Eric a “miracle”. If that’s the case, they are all miracle workers. It was a nice visit, and I promise we’ll come back to see everyone again later. After that I did something I perhaps shouldn’t have done. I took Eric home for a short visit. I’ve been waiting so long for this so I couldn’t resist since we were touring around in the car already. We only stayed for a short visit but I could tell that something in Eric clicked. “This is my home”, he said. Once back in his room at the facility he got very angry with him. He accused me for keeping him there, said I didn’t love him anymore and asked why I wanted to hurt him so bad to keep him locked up at a place like this. Oh man….he realized that the facility wasn’t his home, which is what he’d thought for a long time, he never really missed our house until today. It was really difficult to handle but I kept telling myself that it’s the injury talking and not Eric.

On a different note…I’d like to thank everyone for the picnic fundraising in Seattle the other weekend. Thanks for putting it together and thank you very much for the donations.



  1. Dear Eric. We want you to know that we are very happy to learn about your progress and the fact that you are getting stronger and fighting for your recovery! This is what we expect from you…ever since we met you for the first time in Punta Chame, we knew what a fighter you were, and am glad to hear from A/C, family and friends your amazing progress. Keep up the good work. We want to see you back in Pta. Chame enjoying your house, the orchids, the beach, the BBQ ribs in our house and so many other beautiful moments you spent with us and A/C. You are always in our prayers, we love you very much and will always be there for you and A/C. Hasta la vista!, Johnny & Julieta

  2. Jeez ace……. great progress, wish I could be there to chat with him now… ;o)

  3. Don’t beat yourself up. You are as eager as Eric to move to the next step, and probably to feel more “normal” again. Seeing the house just gives him that much more incentive to work hard! Glad you were able to show the doctors what you’ve been telling them all along- Eric is making great progress- with you as his advocate. -Cas

  4. The house is the goal! Put a picture of the house, the rooms in the house on the “wall of pictures” in Eric’s room. Encourage Eric to work and to bust his butt with PT and ST and you will both be home again and hopefully soon.

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