Posted by: aceanderic | September 17, 2008


Eric’s anger towards me was over this morning and he was happy to see me again. He remembered the reason for why he’s at the hospital but today’s date and year is difficult for him to remember. This is part of the injury and is very common for a patient on level 5 at the Rancho Scale, which is the level Eric’s at now. Another thing a person on this level may do is to try to fill in gaps in memory by making things up, which Eric has done several times. Today for example he claimed he’s an Office Manager when he actually is a Mortgage Broker. He really pushed himself at the gym with his physical therapies. We finished the session after working on strength and balancing, and ten minutes later Eric was back for more so he worked on more strength for his chicken legs. Yes, his legs are still like chicken legs even though he slowly is getting stronger.

I bet 100% that Eric and I broke every rule in the policy handbook at the facility today but we didn’t get caught so that’s good. The dogs paid him a visit and they showed us what they are bred to do. Bernese Mt. Dogs used to pull carts to the market back in the day; a wheelchair is similar to a cart, right? Eric had their leash in his hands when I called the dogs down the hallway. Off they went, with Eric flying behind them in his wheelchair, and the physical therapies running behind him. It was absolute hysterical to watch, and Eric’s was laughing out loud when he almost got pulled off the wheelchair by our strong dogs.



  1. Hello you guys! I have been faithfully following Eric’s progress and your determination in getting him better. It is truly a test of strength, loyalty, honor and love, ibelieve I can speak for everyone I know, in saying that you have completely showed the rest of the world what those words truly mean and how it should be done. You’re a strong family and deserve the best.
    I have laughed, cried tears of joy and sorrow, been hopeful and have felt your dissappointment. Thank you so much for this blog and the candid feelings and thoughts and updates into your personal life. Even though I can’t be there to lend some sort of support, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
    On another note… the next time Eric goes ‘carting’ you should get some pix!!! and maybe? he should wear a seat belt??!!! lolol Have a great day you 2!!

    Valerie and Sherri

  2. I wish I could have seen him and the dogs going down the hallway. I love rule breaking. 😉

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