Posted by: aceanderic | September 18, 2008


Eric’s participation in the daily rehab and his awareness of his condition is approving day by day. He took a big step forward last week, this week he’s maintaining it, but I’ve also noticed a small break in his progress. He’s still progressing bit by bit so I’m not really worried about it, but it still stressful when it happens. He seams more tired now then last week, and when he’s tired it’s almost impossible to understand him. I know he needs tons of rehab, but he also needs tons of rest. The brain only heals when he sleeps so knowing that I can’t force him to stay awake, no matter how much I want to. He’s still sad about his voice limitations and I’m doing my very best to encourage him to work on it. I take any chance I get to practice with him on his strength, cognitive skills, memory, and his voice. We need to remember to be patience, we have a long road ahead.

Eric and I had a care plan meeting today with the staff at the facility since the insurance won’t cover his stay come Monday, even though I have more days to take out for this kind of care in my benefit package. I was also told that the Rehabilitation Center we plan on taking Eric to won’t accept him now, so the insurance won’t pay for him to go there. This makes me absolute furious, they told me before they would cover this part. So I have to fight with the insurance company plus the Rehab Center tomorrow; I’m sure this most be a mistake. Eric isn’t ready to come home yet.


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