Posted by: aceanderic | September 19, 2008

FRIDAY, SEPTEMER 19 (day 131)

I took care of a bunch of phone calls and emails in the morning which is normal, but I had more on my plate today due to what happened yesterday so I got to Eric’s place later then I normally do. The more I dig myself deeper into the world of in-home care and outpatient rehab planning the more confused I get, there’s so much to it, and so many unknown questions they need answers on. Eric had a busy day today so it was ok that I was late. OT had already worked with him in the morning so I worked with Eric on leg strength when I got there. OT and PT came to our house for a safety advice survey for the day Eric comes home, and Eric came along too. So it was a good day today. He was happy to be home again, especially when his PT helped him down the stairs to the “man room” / TV room of the house. He walked straight to the sofa and laid down with a smile – Eric was home again! Luckily Eric and I don’t have a cluttered home, our design is pretty minimalist so we don’t have to make that many changes. I’ve been worried we would have to make major updates to a house we don’t want to live in anymore but being forced to due the situation. We had the house on the market when the accident happened. I also was worried Eric’s reaction of going back to the facility would be the same today as earlier in the week when he went home, but he was ok with it. I think he was ok with going back because his SLP brought him pizza and Coca Cola to eat today. We had looked forward to this all day. He swallowed the food down perfectly so come Monday he will be given food one step up from the puree. This will be more like shredded meat, chicken etc so we’re getting closer to “real” food.


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