Posted by: aceanderic | September 20, 2008


Marci was in town for another reason so she and the kids spent the morning with Eric, and they had a great time. Sounds like they had a pretty deep spiritual conversation, as well as some laughter, tears, and fun. The kids kept him busy with some activities for his neck muscles. Marci said that I would come in later once they had left, so he actually asked them to leave; he missed me. I got there a few hours later and he gave me a huge smile; he was so happy to see me again, he told me how much he loved me and how much he loved the pictures on the walls in his room. Everything was going great until he said to me how excited he was to go home today. Oh….! He claimed the therapies had signed THE paperwork so he could go home – he didn’t have therapy today and there was no paper. The next hours I had to listen to what a horrible wife I was for keeping him looked up at that horrible place, if I loved him I wouldn’t do this to him, why doesn’t anyone care about him, he begged me to bring him home. It was awful! His behavior is typical for a person in his stage so I know it was a good thing; it means he’s healing. However, I did trick him into some strength exercises and brain exercises in between his complain, pointing finger and begging. There was one cognitive training piece where I told him that it would be ok if he couldn’t do it due to his injury. He looked at me like I was crazy and put the puzzle together in no time; it always work when I tell him that he probably can’t do this and that…. The fact that he did this piece is amazing in my eyes, but he didn’t understand that because there’s nothing wrong with him, according to Eric. And so it went on for hours. I know it was the injury talking and not Eric. So that, plus I’m getting sick really made my day suck…



  1. Hey ACED ~ Really like the updated look of the blog, cool! You are doing an amazing job with Eric and all that you are undertaking for both of you.

    We appreciate everything you are doing, I know not easy.

    Love ya! Gina

  2. Sounds like your work with Eric is getting more challenging. Good thing you are such a smart one! Hang in there. -Cas

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