Posted by: aceanderic | September 21, 2008

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 (day 133)

The first thing Eric said to me today when I walked in to his room was “I’m coming home with you today, right?” And he did. I’ve decided to bring him home very Sunday during the day since he doesn’t get any therapy on Sunday’s and he’s strong enough to come home for a few hours. Several friends came over for a visit. It was pretty noisy for a while but Eric was able to follow the conversations. Eric laughed, made jokes, understood what was said to 100%, and communicated back. He also had pizza and Coca Cola like the rest of us; and he didn’t’ have any problems swallowing. Eric said to us; “It’s harder to recover then I thought.” The Eric I knew before the accident is the same Eric I see today; he likes to push himself to get better and he’s not afraid of pain. Eric knows he has a sever brain injury and he knows therapy will help him get stronger both physically and mentally. And after today, I think our friends would agree.

He was extremely happy to be home, he told me that he’s been dreaming about this day. The road of recovery for Eric is for sure a roller coaster; there’s no better word to describe it. Yesterday was awful, and today was wonderful. He asked me to tell the whole family how much he love you guys, and how important you are to him. The one little positive thing in this is that Eric’s injury has brought us closer together, and we are both thankful for that.



  1. Sounds like a good day. May you have many more just like today. May his healing continue.

  2. Ace, reading today’s entry was absolutely amazing. You two are lucky to have each other.

  3. Eric is privileged to have you as a wife, your dedication and continued love shows your character. Thank you for your example!

  4. Ace, I have been following this blog since you started it and am continually moved. I just wanted to share a quick story with you. My neighbor’s brother suffered a severe brain injury almost a year ago. He spent 2 months in a coma. I saw him for the first time this past weekend. He was doing amazing. He has problems keep his thoughts straight at times, and has to speak slowly, but is aware of who he is and what has happened. He has a new found appreciation for everything and is so thankful to be able to visit and play with his nieces. He says that he is confident that he will be talking normally in 24 months (sounds like a long time, but considering that he wasn’t expected to survive the initial injury, truly miraculous.)

    Keep the faith, you two are an inspiration. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


  5. Eating pizza, drinking coke and chatting it up…. right on ERIC! Keep doing what you’re doing Ace!!!

  6. Anna-Carin, I have been reading your blog since about day 32 and was so moved that I posted the link on my blog and have encouraged others to read it. Reading about your dedication and love to your husband makes me feel like a self centered shallow person. I can only hope if faced with the mountian you have been given I would be able to climb it with the same dignity you have. I work in insurance which I am almost ashamed to admit after reading about your battles. I do agree….insurance companies can be nightmares. It’s all about profit margins to them, not human lives. My husband and his good friend both ride mountain bikes and if you would ever like them to come visit Eric I could arrange it. We also have a dog and we could come dog sit for you. I have 5 teenage daughters and they can clean house really well 🙂 I know it’s hard to ask for help but if you let us know your need we would like to help. I don’t miss a day of your blog – you are my inspiration to deal with my corporate daily world and struggles with raising teenage daughters. Keep the faith.

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