Posted by: aceanderic | September 22, 2008

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 (day 134)

Eric is still hocked on the idea about going home; he knows he’s injured, he even knows he has a sever brain injury, but he doesn’t understand how sever it is. He thinks by going home, eating real food and working out at the gym he will be back to normal again. Oh, I wish it was that easy! It’s kind of the truth, but he’s going to need way more training then the gym. That’s my new couching speech with him. I’ve told him the reason why he needs to stay at the facility longer is so he can get all the rehab he needs plus the needed medicine. I’ve told him that the only way out of this place is to work hard, and that everyone thinks he’s progressing less then he really is so he needs to prove them all wrong. This new tactic seam to work on him because he kicked butt in therapy today. He surprised his therapists by accomplishing every task and kept them busy with coming up with new things for him to do. He asked his PT what he needed to do to be able to stand on his hands in a month. I have no idea where this idea came from; it might have been just a weird question or perhaps that actually is his goal. Only Eric can tell us, if he remembers it tomorrow that is. He’s now past the puree food stage – hallelujah – the next step is called “soft mechanical food”. It sounds nasty but it wasn’t that bad. Today’s lunch was baked potato, shredded meat and cooked carrots. His appetite is still poor so he needs to be on the feeding tube for some more weeks.

Not knowing the date is a typical problem for a TBI survivor on the Rancho Scale 5; today we lived in the year 1998, no matter how many times I corrected him. We’ll see what year it is tomorrow, but most importantly, tomorrow we’ll find out what the insurance company decides on his stay.



  1. We are so happy to hear of Eric’s progress. It sounds like he is really coming along. Like our old doctor used to say, “tincture of time” When is the court date? That guy needs to be put away.
    We are thinking of you and praying for Eric daily.
    Love, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dick

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