Posted by: aceanderic | September 23, 2008


A while back I told you how nervous I always felt the second before I walked in to Eric’s room in the morning, I never knew what I walked into that day. That fear is still there, but it has changed. These days I know Eric is alive and he will make it, but I never know what craziness the day will bring me. Another word for Rancho Scale 5 is “Confused and Inappropriate”, and Eric hit that on the spot today. While his SLP did a short-term memory test on Eric, he claimed we’re in Ohio, in the town Jackson Hole, it’s 1998, he’s 20 years old and it’s December. He did great with repeating a list of words after her, and he did great with telling her about his past before the accident, and he even answered right on questions related to things after the injury. In the end, she was impressed but we have things to work on for sure. The scary part was when on the question “Who is your favorite president of all times”; he answered President Bush. Oh, my goodness, I knew he was severily injured but I didn’t expect it to be THAT bad! You think that’s inappropriate? I’ve heard it’s common for TBI survivors in Eric’s state to flirt so I’ve been prepared for it. Eric flirted with everyone today… rubbed their arm, winked with his eyes, gave them his special smile. He insisted to hold her hand during this test, and claimed she was his girlfriend; while I was sitting right next to him!! Oh brother! I got the opposite attention from him, I was the evil person holding him looked up in jail, and he begged me to bring him home. Despite all that, he did listed to me and we got a whole series of exercises done today, so I can’t be that bad of a person… Good times, good times.



  1. I wonder if he associates songs from the year he thinks it is? Have you tried to play him any of his favorite songs from ’98 to see if he thinks they are current songs? It may not make sense but maybe if he can associate his past and current favorite songs it might help him to put the year in context. I know nothing about brain injuries, but things like dates and colors do seem abstract and I can see where they could be difficult to remember.

    I’ve been so impressed with his progress and am thrilled to hear that he’s doing better everyday. I’ve never met you, but your strength, determination and committment to Eric are absolutely amazing!

  2. You don’t know me but I have been reading about Eric ever since I heard about the horrendous ordeal.

    I get these emails from Powells books and thought I would pass it on. Was not sure if it was even something that would relate or if you already looked at. It’s called The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Jeffrey Schwartz. At any rate, maybe it would be helpful in one way or another..

    Every day I read your blog Eric improves.. It’s incredible. I think you should make the driver of this circumstance have to read it as well.. OR have someone read it to him!

  3. I know it seems so very far away but someday Eric will be healthy again and you will have SOOOOOOOO much you can blackmail him with! ; -)

    A freind of mine went through a lot of what you are with her partner and many years later they still laugh whenever Genevieve says, “Well at least I wasn’t trying to feel up nurses!”

  4. ACE: It looks like your patience will be tested in ways you probably didn’t imagine. Fortunately, you know Eric loves you and his resentment “at you” is not really at you- but at the circumstances. Try not to give in to the urge to punch him (or his nurses) when he flirts- just be thankful that he isn’t chasing them around in his wheelchair. (Ask me about his grandpa sometime). Hang in there! -C

  5. Hi Ace. Yep, a whole new set of challenges to move through at this stage, I imagine, now that you’re working through the injury and he can also be frustrating at times. You’ve been so strong and patient, it’s inspiring to follow. Sending good thoughts your way.

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