Posted by: aceanderic | September 24, 2008


Many fun and positive things happened today and I’m glad Eric’s mom was here to see how far Eric has progressed. Things are falling to place and I crossed off two major things from my to-do-list today, and I feel so incredible relived about it. Like that wasn’t’ enough, when I arrived to Eric’s place I found out that he graduated this morning from using the wheelchair, he’s now only using the front wheel walker, and he’s slowly practicing using a cane instead. Eric was in a good mood and he didn’t flirt with anyone but me today. It looks like I’ve trained him well because he realizes I’m the boss these days – he said it, he meant it, he knows it; that’s all I care about! I created an activity and exercise schedule of things we need to cross off daily outside his therapy time, and he knows he’s up for a big challenge to get everything done. I’ve told him that gaining strength and show improvement is the only way out of there so he needs to push himself. He’s doing a great job; well, that is after we have motivated him to start an activity. It’s common for a TBI survivor in his stage to not being able to start an activity, and he often needs step-by-step instructions to get going. Having that knowledge in my possession, I’m slowly figuring out how to get him going on an activity. We all went to Taco Bell for lunch and Eric was as happy as he could be about eating out. Going from feeding tub food for almost four months to McDonald’s, pizza and then today Taco Bell isn’t the smartest thing to do so he had to deal with stomach pains in the afternoon.



  1. I was just wondering if that it a picture of Eric in the Hammock? I have been praying for you and him and the whole family since I first started reading your blog..whenever it was made available on It would be great to be able get a visual in my head of the two of you or even a family photo of the fundraiser up in washington. If at all possible on this site to post pictures. You all are amazing and an inspiration to many people.

    A stranger that is in prayer for your family,

  2. Anna-Carin,
    Another stranger here who’s been reading your blog daily since late May. You are an inspiration! Eric is incredibly lucky to have you on his team. Good things are coming your way and you deserve them. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs and Eric’s progress. You help the rest of us put our trivial obstacles in perspective. Bless you!

  3. Anna-Carin & Eric,

    Yet another stranger who’s been following Eric’s recovery. I’m curious about something: what is being done to file a civil suit against the criminal who hit Eric?

    14 years ago I was hit on a motorcycle by a driver that ran a stop sign, permanently crippling my right foot. We went to court. It took a couple of years but the sum awarded to me was well worth the wait.

    Regards & Best of luck.

  4. Wow ACE, things have improved so much. So far to go but incredible progress right? Miss not working with Eric but he’s got much more PT opportunity in that setting. Robin and I want to come see him. Ill call you shortly.


  5. Another stranger following the blog since it was linked from the Portland bicycle blog. Thank you for your daily posts, it is part of my routine now and we’re rooting for Eric’s complete recovery.

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