Posted by: aceanderic | September 26, 2008

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 (day 138)

Pam spent the morning with Eric, and I went over there in the afternoon after I’d dropped her off at the train station. Pam had arranged Father Peter from a Catholic church near by to visit Eric. He gave Eric the Blessings of the Sick, and they all three prayed together. He got his therapy done and we have new exercises on the list for next week to work on. It sounds like Eric is coming down with a cold so we took it easy on him today.

For all the married woman reading this, I want you to try to imagining following picture; It’s Friday afternoon, your husband had a long and hard week, he’s feeling sick so instead of pushing him with your normal to-do-list, you agree to watch TV in bed with him to keep him company. Right when you’re the most comfortable he looks at you with his big eyes and asks you to go and get him a Coke, which you have no problem with since he’s sick. The TV shows he selects is the most annoying program in the world – The Family Man, which you agree to watch since he’s sick. I think some of you recognize this situation. Here’s the twist, and I figure it must be because of the subtitle for Rancho Scale 5; CONFUSED and INAPPROPRIATE. Eric looked at me and said, “I want to talk with you more…I love you, and I’m looking forward starting a family with you…how was your day, are you doing ok….” He’s obviously seriously injured, or I must in heaven because no man would do such a thing; I love it! I know he had a life changing experience, which really affected him on all levels.

Another unbelievable thing to mention is that our insurance company agreed on paying for this past week. I wouldn’t trust what the facility staff told me last Friday, which was that the insurance company denied us more time and I had to pay out of my own pocket. I made some calls, made sure we faxed Eric’s progress, and I made sure the insurance looked at it – AND I WON MY FIRST BATTLE TODAY!!



  1. Yeah- way to go. Keep fighting those insurance companies. You have a case…be persistant and they will finally get it.

  2. That’s awesome! I had a dream about Eric recently and he was talking and he recognized me and everything (thought it might be a good sign)! I think of you often and hope to make it down there soon

  3. Great progress!

  4. Woohoo!!!

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