Posted by: aceanderic | September 27, 2008


Back in the day Eric and I used to always have a long list of things to do for the weekend, mostly house stuff, but once in a while there was a weekend with no plans besides relaxing around the house. I really enjoyed those days. Eric and I had exactly one of those days today. Take away Eric’s health and injury, the feeding tube, front wheel walker and the fact that Eric through up in our bed due to acid reflex…. besides that, our day was perfect. We spent major of the day at home relaxing. While Eric took a nap, I enjoyed the sun in our backyard. For a late lunch we had Dungeness crab, fresh from Farmers Market, dipped in melted butter; just like any Saturday summer day in our lives. In the afternoon Eric looked around confused and said he wanted to go home, so he didn’t argue with me when I took him back to the facility. That part made me sad because it brought me back to reality again, which forced me to accept the long road we have a head of recovery time. It’s so hard to see him that confused, and yet so “there”.


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