Posted by: aceanderic | September 28, 2008

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 (day 140)

I received two late calls last night from Eric’s nurse, the first call was to tell me that Eric had escaped and they’d found him walking alone outside. He then kicked the nurse on her leg when she tried to get him back inside… The second call was to tell me that Eric was pissed off, wouldn’t take a shower, wouldn’t listed to anyone, and wouldn’t go back to his room. I tried to calm him down over the phone and I think it worked because I didn’t get any more calls after that. While Eric showered this morning I entertained myself with having the dogs pull me in a wheelchair; do you have any idea how much fun that is?? That might be my new career!

Our Sunday at the house was very similar to yesterday. He must have worn himself out last night because he slept pretty much the whole time he was home. We had an emotional conversation where he told me his feelings about our situation, and I told him my experience. We both cried, and hugged; we just can’t believe all this, it’s really too much to take it. He didn’t get any therapy done from the list this weekend, but I think just being home for him is good therapy. And for my own selfish reason, it was nice to have Eric home sleeping because that gave me some “me” time without feeling bad. This coming week is going to be full of therapy, and I’m planning on pushing him to the max.


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