Posted by: aceanderic | September 29, 2008

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 (day 141)

Eric has accomplished to climb yet another step on the Rancho Scale. According to his SLP Eric is demonstrating cognitive markers consistent with level 6, with some residual level 5 characteristics related to temporal orientation. Eric’s PT and OT agrees and also thinks he’s on level 6 these days. Typical things for level 6 is that Eric could be somewhat confused because of memory and thinking problems, he will remember the main points from a conversation but forget and confuse the details, be aware of his toilet needs, pay attention for about 30 minutes, but has trouble concentrating when it is noisy or when the activity involves many steps. Eric also demonstrates good long-term and immediate memory, but has difficulty with short-term memory. To improve his short-term memory we are asking him questions throughout the day about what happened for just some hours ago, yesterday etc. To have him talk about the immediate past, will help his memory come back. He spent quite some time today practicing walking with a cane in each hand, and overall it did great. He’s not comfortable with one cane yet, and he prefer the walker still. He also played UNO with his new OP and won!

He’s becoming so aware of his surrounding these days which causes him to wanting to go home more now then ever before. He’s literally begging me to bring him home, holding on to me when I’m trying to leave in the evenings; it’s absolute horrible to leave him like that. I’m telling him that he’s not strong enough to come yet which is why he needs to stay longer so he can get more therapy. Eric does not fully understand the extent of his problems and the benefits of therapy, so he accuses me of lying… This is really tough!



  1. ACE,
    I’m very happy to hear about the therapists opinion on the Rancho level. Looking back its crazy to think how far he’s come. Robin and I plan on coming to see him on Saturday so I’ll be in touch with you about times.

    All the best

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