Posted by: aceanderic | September 30, 2008


Eric was faced with a new challenge today, not only does his knees hurts, his back started to bother him today as well. So now we have two major parts slowing his rehab down, but Eric pushed himself despite the pain, not as much as before but some. His back surgery happened in the beginning when I still was in denial and only would accept to hear positive information so I don’t recall what the doctor told us about the recovery time, but family tells me that estimated time is six months. No wonder his back is bothering him, it hasn’t healed completely yet. Eric made his first lunch with his OT; macaroni and cheese, and it wasn’t anything wrong with this appetite. It looks like he’s only “full” when he’s being served the food from the facility, which isn’t as tasteful.

This injury we’re faced with is really something…. Eric and I had a good conversation about our finances, he said, “I’m here now, show me the numbers before you make any decisions so I can help you”. Oh man, I’ve been waiting for him to be in a stage where he can help me again, it’s been really challenging to manage everything without him. I believed what he said. A little later he said to me, with the same honest face expressions “We should sue Nike for all this.” Nike…? Nike doesn’t have anything to do with this I tell him, but he doesn’t care and thinks we should do it any whey. So how am I supposed to know when I can trust Eric? This is really difficult and I don’t know when it’s Eric talking and when it’s the injury talking.



  1. Ace as long as you are talking to one another you will know which Eric is talking and over time you will watch him blossom and grow and you will trust him more than ever.

  2. maybe you can ask the congress for your financial bailout. 😉

  3. ACE: Look to your own best judgment, but to the extent Eric has imput and you think it’s sound, use him as a resource as well. You’ve done great so far- have faith in yourself! -C

  4. I wish I could hear how the rehab at RIO turned out and if you thought it was worth is and how things are going at home. I also wish I knew how Eric is doing now and if he is able to use the ipod sucessfully. I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. What a strange turn of events. I am so happy that you have friends who stay by you. I wish everyone had a better support system. When you cannot return phone calls and emails when you are injured it is all too common for friends to drift away. I wish there was a better way to keep friends close by the injured person.

  5. I would love to hear how you are both doing this year. I wish that we could all learn from your experiences so that each family does not have to bear the full weight of all the changes.

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