Posted by: aceanderic | October 1, 2008


This new world I’m living in has thought me to not take out victory in advance, but today was a very special day so I just have to tell you. The goal since the first day at the hospital has been to get Eric to RIO. No I’m not talking about the city; The Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon (RIO) opened in 1948 as the Portland Rehabilitation Center — the staff here are experts in brain injury and I’ve only heard success stories from TBI survivors and others who have gone through their program. RIO has followed Eric’s progress for months, and they have always told me that he wasn’t ready. At one point I heard that he might not ever be ready! I’ve been pushing RIO to take him ever since June. I didn’t understand the criteria at first, I only knew RIO would be able to really help Eric so that’s why I pushed for it so hard. I’m laughing at myself now looking back. One time when Eric was at the hospital, I knew the doctor would come and see Eric any minute and my goal then was for him to realize that “Eric was ready for RIO”, and to write me a referral. The minute before the doctor walked into the room, I pinched Eric so hard in the arm so he woke up, and stayed awake probably due to the pain. When the doctor walked in, Eric was awake and was able to say hello to the doctor. I got the referral for Eric, but RIO still said no; darn it. Later once I learned about the criteria and the reason behind it, I stopped bugging RIO to accept him, and worked with Eric to get him to the level he needed to be to get accepted. This was a much better approach, and all our hard work paid off. RIO accepted Eric today to their program; the only issue left is to get the insurance to approve the move. I don’t see why they wouldn’t, they’ve known about this for a long time. I’ll find out tomorrow for sure, and we’re most likely moving in a few days. I was so nervous before the evaluation today, and Eric of course was in a horrible mood and wouldn’t do anything without resistance. I was worried Eric would ruined it because he only wanted to go to bed due to his pain. I don’t know why I thought that, all his progress is in his paperwork, but it turned out being a good thing Eric was mad – she wanted to see his worse behavior to see how his reaction was in that stage…. Phu!! So please cross your fingers for tomorrow, if things goes as planned, we are moving to RIO!!



  1. OH MY GOSH…………..our long awaited wish of Eric going to RIO is finally here.
    For the first time in months I can breath a sigh of relief. I am so happy and nervous at the same time. We have put so much hope into RIO I hate to be so hopeful.
    I know Eric will do wonderful.
    Thanks Anna-Carin we love you.

  2. Hurray! What a turning point! Congratulations, we have our fingers crossed! Marci has explained to me how important RIO is and I’m thrilled for you and Eric. He’s come so far! Good luck with insurance!

  3. That’s awesome news! May the insurance company understand and approve the move with no further anguish. Congrats!

  4. When I broke my back I went to RIO after my stay at OHSU. I can not tell you how important this was for my rehab and recovery. They truly are amazing people there. My nurse’s were the best anyone could ask for and the PT and OT are simply amazing. Hopefully Eric lucks out and gets to work with my two favorite nurse’s Naddie and Jocelyn. I love those ladies! Please tell Eric thats where I went to beat my injury and they are going to take the best care of him. Ace… if you have any questions about RIO, PLEASE feel free to ask. This is such good news he is going there!!!!! ROCK ON you two!

  5. Fantastic! So glad to hear (1) that he’s improved enough to go to RIO and (2) that they are taking him! I have no doubt you’ll beat the insurance people into seeing reason and paying for this facility. Great progress Ace. -Cas

  6. Good news! I will be sending good vibes! thinking of you

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