Posted by: aceanderic | October 2, 2008


Ten ton of stress was lifted off my shoulders today; Eric got accepted to RIO and we’re moving tomorrow morning! I have extremely high expectations of RIO; it feels like we’re moving into a new phase with room for huge changes and accomplishments. One thing I’m so relieved about is that we’ll be surrounded by professionals. The place we’re at now doesn’t have a doctor on staff, he’s on call and he’s only seen Eric once in the time we’ve been there. I understand Eric more then anyone, so when Eric has been in pain he tells me, and then I’ve tried to get more facts about the issue, then I tell the nurse about it who gets on the phone with the doctor, and if we’re lucky the doctor prescribe a medicine some days later for the pain. Seriously…. it shouldn’t have to be that difficult to get the care you need, right? At RIO, I will not have to be the middleman and I’m so relieved about that. What’s stressful is that I never know if Eric really is in pain, or if it’s his brain playing jokes with us.

Everyone was in a great mood today, Eric even wanted to work out today, and I didn’t have to trick him into getting started. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to teach him to walk with a cane, he was poking everyone with the cane today while laughing…. it was pretty funny. I had invited Steve Wright from my TBI support group, he had a brain injury for several years ago and he’s a living inspiration. They met for the first time today and talked, and I think Eric was happy to know there are people out there who understands what he’s going through, and there actually is a light in the end of the tunnel.

We’re leaving early tomorrow so I’d purchased a big chocolate cake to celebrate with staff and patients. The staff at Menlo Park Health Care are absolute wonderful, the rehab team are top-notch and I am forever thankful for their hard work with Eric.



  1. Yah Eric! Congratulations! That is such good news. Eric, we think you are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! I knew he would get there!!
    We Davidson’s NEVER give up!!!!

  3. Another great move forward. Eric is one tough kid. We are so happy for you both. We know that Eric will make great strides there. Love you both. Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dick

  4. What great news! We have prayed every day since the accident and we praise God for His continuing answer to our pleading for Eric. Our prayers continue for a miraculous healing. ( We are friends of Pam and met you, Anna-Karin, in July. )

  5. I am So glad for you! You are moving in the right direction. I read your blog everyday and do not even know you. You are a true inspiration to all. I have been there as my husband had suffered a serious crushed spine and I was two people in one having to be strong like you. People use to ask how I do it. My answer was probably the same as yours, That I love my Husband very much and this is why we are married b/c we are a great team! and one thing I have learned in life is that it takes a team to get through life together. When he is down I am up, when he is hurt I take care of him and vice versa.
    It is b/c of your strong love and spirit that he WILL recover I am betting 100%! My husband did and it feels like a lifetime ago I too was going through what you are.
    Stay strong and never give up, EVER! There is a reason this all happened, even though it is horrific what happened to you, there is a reason 🙂
    God bless you and congrats! you BOTH deserve it!

  6. I’m SO proud of you both!!! I’m bummed I can’t be there more, but you both are in my thoughts and prayers everyday, morning, noon and night.

    I know this is just what Eric needs to continue to improve as well if not better than previously.

    Lot of love, Gina

  7. Hi Anna-Carin,

    This is Michelle in Seattle, a very close friend of Gina Davidson and have been reading your blog every day, without fail. I wake up, make my morning coffee and I pull up your site to check in to see how the both of you are doing. I do this before checking my work email, personal email and tending to my fuzzy zoo (1 dog and 2 cats). That is how important your site has become to me for a myriad of reasons. I have cried, moaned and giggled over your precious words of insight, wisdom and raw emotion and today, I actually yelled out loud HOORAY (and startled my cat sitting next to me) when I read that he made it into RIO. Unbelievable! YOU DID IT! There is not a doubt in my mind that you are this indeniable force of womanly nature that has broken down doors to the insurance companies, local healthcare facilities etc and have never taken no for any answer, but rather: let’s figure out a way to say “let’s make this happen”. You inspire me in more ways than you can imagine. I extend my love from Seattle to you, Eric and your entire family, here and abroad. Take good care of yourself and may the move be a huge success!

    Michelle Bennett

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