Posted by: aceanderic | October 4, 2008


Eric had a lot of visitors today from friends and family, and we’re slowly getting used to the new setting, routine, rules and staff. Eric had more rehab scheduled today since he was new then a regular Saturday. Weekends at RIO are normally slower then Monday to Friday, which are full of therapy from early morning to late afternoon. They kept him busy for most of the day with therapy; it was more getting to know Eric’s capacity and limitations then teaching him new things. Each therapist tested Eric and he was getting quite tired of the tests by the end of the day, he thought they treated him like he’s retarded, and didn’t give him any freedom (which they won’t for a while). Eric still doesn’t understand his limitations and once again we had to tell him that he’s at RIO due to a sever brain injury, which really upset him.

I know it’s hard not to giggle over Eric’s inappropriate behavior or the rude and inappropriate commands he might say, but we have to be harsh with him. The staff kept a firm voice and they let him know when he’d crossed the line. This is the only way to teach him the correct way of things. For everyone visiting Eric, please keep this in mind for future visits.


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