Posted by: aceanderic | October 6, 2008

MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 (day 148)

My ex-boss had me take a personality test a few years ago and part of the overview about me said, “Tending to have very high expectations of herself, and have similar high expectations of others. In fact, she may evaluate others by very precise standards. Unfortunately, these standards and expectations may be unrealistic…” Crap, today was so true according to this test. I never thought I would say this but I was a little disappointed with RIO today; go figure since according to this test it’s impossible to keep up with my expectations. I know, I know…it’s only been a few days so I just need to wait. I haven’t been afraid to speak up before about Eric’s care and I’m sure not going to stop now, no matter how many TBI experts I have around me. RIO has put safety before anything so far, which is good so don’t take me wrong. Putting safety first until they know Eric is good but it’s affecting his therapy, and his personality. As I mention a while back Eric doesn’t mind pushing himself, he likes it and he likes pain as long as he sees progress. Today’s therapy was the opposite, they took it slow and carefully, was too over-protective of him and wouldn’t let him do anything without him behind handheld. Eric was very frustrated about all this, told them off and called them all crazy! A patient without a brain injury would most likely keep his feelings to himself, but Eric said exactly what he felt and thought in their face. Luckily the staff are used to this kind of behavior so they knew how to deal with it, but I agree with Eric. They were too careful and didn’t push him. Eric can walk with a walker, there’s no reason to panic if Eric decides to stand up on his own. I don’t understand why they can’t look at the therapy notes from our old place and just take it from there. It’s been like small setback in his overall therapy, which has a negative affect on him. He’s looking more and more at himself as being retarded, which is putting him down. It’s also hard for him to adjust to all the new staff that’s telling him what to do and how to do it.

There’s a meeting with the assigned team tomorrow to go over Eric’s goals. I will address my concern in this meeting and tell everyone to push Eric harder; that’s what he’s there for and he’s ready for it.



  1. Ace… they did the same thing with me… it was very frustrating at first but it gets you back to thinking about the very basic stuff first, then from there his progress should take off like a rocket ship. They definitely do play on the safe side for the first few days, but then they’ll have him open it up full throttle. At least thats what they did with me and from what I saw the other patients too… even the patiens with brain injuries.

  2. Go for it ACE!

  3. Love the new photo. El Salvador, maybe?
    Keep pushing them to push Eric!

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